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Samurai Rabbit

Dragon Age Inquisition: First Impressions Video

3 posts in this topic

Hi ladies and gents, here's my First Impressions of Dragon Age Inquisition:

I know Joe really liked this game, I too am a bit smitten with it! I'm a huge fan of the original and am really impressed with it so far.

Any of you picked this up yet? What do you guys think of it?


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Hey man, I had no idea you were in the community!

Awesome video as always, I mostly agree with your views. It's a great game, but has flaws that do hold it back.


  • The war room really needs a better way to handle it than travelling back to it every 20 minutes, especially with those load times that add another five minutes.
  • The story starts strong, but the last third of the game is lackluster in that regard. You never feel as though you are at any risk of losing near the end.
  • Agreed that the KBM controls are horrible, feels like a really clunky MMO.
  • There's only one two-handed companion in the game, which limits how you can form your party.
  • The game suffers from the Mass Effect 3 issue where many of your choices don't actually matter and gaining power is largely useless in regards to how the story plays out.
  • There is LOTS to do, but way too much collectible stuff. I don't need five of my party members asking me to find things all over the map when there is already a plethora of other things to find.
  • There are optimization issues in various areas, plus that 30 FPS cap on cutscenes. (Although that can be fixed.) 


At the end of the day however, it's still a fantastic game. I'm a huge fan of the series and the pros you lay down outweigh the cons, however i'd recommend that if people can't handle a very MMO experience or don't have time to devote multiple days of playtime, then they might want to skip it. It is very much an all or nothing game.


Great job.

Samurai Rabbit likes this

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Yeah, I've ploughed plenty more hours into it and agree with some of your points....

Still love it to bits! =D

You can respec any warrior character to use OH/S or TH weapons whenever you want, likewise with Rogues and Mages. (Respec items cost 300g from the Blacksmith in Skyhold)

I really wish they would have added more weight to the sidequests though, far too much filler. Although I do love wandering about and getting into trouble!

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