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Sunday training rules & format

1 post in this topic

Sunday tranings will consist of mini campaigns, as that is format we will try to use in future clan V clan stuff


Sunday training format wil also be used on saturdays, if there is no tournameants to practice towards



The rules are as follows


-Each team will have commander assigned.

-Each commander picks a base map (must be a tank map)

-A neutral map is then chosen (again must be tank map)


-Two wins by points, wins a team the current map, and we move on to the next map in lineup, alternatively 1 win by destroying all enemies wins the map in one go

-During battle a commander can call out a retreat, if a retreat is called out around 10 seconds pass untill it takes effect, once in effect the battle ends with a loss for the retreating faction

in addition the retreating faction loses a third of the total point value of all their vehicles, that are still alive on the battlefield at the end of the retreat 10 second retreat timer.



The point system works like this


-Each player on a team is worth 5 points

-The maximum amount of points a team can bring into one battle is (5 X number of team members)

-Total team point pool is the max points a team can bring to a battle X 3

-The point system must be used during vehicle selection!




- no more than half your team can be aircraft at the same time

-light tanks are allowed to use artilery

-Heavy tanks cost one extra point ontop of their pointvalue

-Points can be spent as the commander pleases including taking vehicles for respawn purposes

-Once a vehicle is lost in battle for ANY reason its point value is subtracted from the teams total point pool (points will be counted after battle)

-The commander has final say in his teams vehicle lineup! 



Each faction is given a unique "Perks"

Blitzkrieg: Team waits only 10 seconds to start battle instead of 15


Rolling Barrage: med tanks can now use artilery strikes aswel instead of just light tanks


German/Russian Engineering : Can bring 1 vehicle/or plane from up to BR7 to the field (full cost +1 extra for prototype)


Intelligence :opponent has to reveal 1/3 of his chosen tanks/planes in lineup for start before battle


Scout :1free scout vehicle per battle and middle map is decided by you presenting 3 maps to oppponent to chose from


Weather forecast :You choose weather settings for the map(3use only)


Air Dominance: You are allowed to use 1 more  plane then normal (30% of team rounded down) +1


Salvage crew: Recover 1 (lowest value lost that battle) tank worth of points,if you won that battle


Bigger is better: 1st Heavy tank you use you do not pay aditional cost of 1 point


Captured equipment: Battle won,allows to use 1 enemy tank/plane destroyed in that battle to be used by your team

at 1 additional cost(on top of tank/plane cost). Tank/planes that way must be marked accordingly German/russian flag.







Alpha rule sheet 



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