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picture by Norman



Thanks to everyone who joined us during our 23rd Operation and special thanks to the TRAF members who assisted us.


We started on Indar, where we continued to fight until the end of the Indar alert with about 30 people and our forces remained more or less steady until the end.


To kick things off we moved to Hvar Northgate Garrison. Although this terrain wasn’t ideal for Battle-Flashes, it most certainly was a battle worth disrupting. Being at the mercy of the terrible PS2 vehicle physics our Flashes were destroyed extremely fast, either by flipping over or rolling down a slope straight into the sights of the NC tanks. With the enormous NC force making advances on our Tech Plant we called an immediate end to the starting phase and set up defenses.


Being met with such an enormous opposition we split up into our separate squad channels and moved to the walls to repel the encroaching NC forces. Although the NC had a vastly superior armour zerg set up and greater numbers in total, they didn’t manage to take down our generator, ultimately rendering their vehicles useless. With the gate being guarded by our own tanks and the walls being held by our infantry, the NC moved a Sunderer to the SE tower, to move their infantry around the narrow strip of terrain between the tower and the mountain. Being met with the brunt of the NC infantry force here, we soon lost control of the tower itself to hostile Light Assaults, with the regular NC infantry advancing around the side. Slowly steamrolling our infantry, the NC soon destroyed our forward Sunderer at the SE gate tower. Whilst setting up a defense inside the generator room, Charlie set out to flank the enemy to the east with an armour zerg brought over from Hvar Southgate Garrison. With a significant chunk of the NC tanks being already grinded down, Charlie finished the remained NC armoured forces quickly off. Setting up deployed Prowlers on the NC flank quickly caused the entire NC assault to collapse, seeing as Charlie destroyed among other things the deployed NC Sunderer. Utilizing the sudden disruption in the NC advance the TR steamrolled the remaining NC squads holding the SE tower. Desperate to retreat the last NC Max was hunted down by the entire TR forces, clearly showing we defended our territory. Whilst repelling the NC forces an alert started for the control of Indar.

With the NC being prohibited from setting up forward posts to stall our offensive, they abandoned this lattice, leaving Quartz Ridge Camp vulnerable. Moving in with a vast force we only found a disproportionate small NC resistance here. Nonetheless the entire TR host assaulted with extreme force, starting off with a massive air bombardment by more than a dozen mossies, whilst multiple Galaxies dropped troops within the confines of that base.  With this conflict mounting to up to be nothing but ghost-capping, we soon left this base to be taken over by our allies, whilst we moved to a battle that more required our help.

That battle we found in Scarred Mesa Skyock, facing a VS zerg of more than 48 players. Although this base is one of the most defensible bases in the game, it still depends on the defendant to bottle the assailants up on the jump pads. Upon arriving we found that our allies hadn’t succeeded in this regard, with both jump pads and the eastern part of the plateau being in VS control. Splitting up our platoon Charlie went to reinforce the besieged TR forces at the capture point, whilst Alpha went to secure the first jump pad and Bravo charged the VS forces on the middle ground between the first jump pad and the capture point, heading straight for the eastern jump pad. Being met with an assault on their entire front by our forces, they soon collapsed. Every time one of the squads pushed the enemy further back enabled it to flank the hostile forces facing another squad, causing that part of the front to dissipate. This chain reaction soon caused the entire VS forces on the plateau to collapse and fall into disarray, spelling their end. Seizing the moment we charged the VS forces that were entrenched at the foot of the plateau, overwhelming them entirely.

Arriving at Red Ridge Communication, we found another base, which was abandoned the the enemy, albeit the VS this time. Overwhelming the enemy, we soon restricted them to their spawn room. Although we had a relatively little amount of puppies, we still pulled our forces out before taking the base, to enforce TR dominance elsewhere.

Seeing as the NC had succeeded in taking Allatum Bio Lab before the Op started, we were determined to help our endeavour in retaking it. Knowing however that assaulting a Bio Lab with enemies defending it is usually pointless, we rather directed our forces northwards at Indar Comm Array, to cut the Biolab off. Moving in swiftly we set up defenses around the capture point with multiple Sunderers on the eastern part of the plateau. Overestimating the initial resistance we would get caused us to move more Sunderers than necessary in, even moving a Sunderer to the capture point, to provide some Bulldog support. After a while the NC reinforcements arrived, outnumbering us vastly. Soon the Sunderer came under direct fire and was destroyed very fast, this marked the end of our initial push, seeing as our forces at the capture point were wiped immediately thereafter. Regardless we moved in once more, systematically taking the NC apart. With reinforcements from the 382nd showing, we soon outnumbered the NC forces, taking another base for the Republic.

Seeing as the majority of our allied forces went to the south to take West Highlands Checkpoint against little to no resistance, we decided to take Dahaka Southern Post to the north. Setting up defensive positions in the capture point building, we managed to hold our perimeter against the advancing NC forces. However our presence here depended on our Sunderer, deployed to the south of the base. Realizing this flaw in our defense, the NC moved an armoured force consisting of Battle-Sunderers and tanks to take down our Sunderer. Being without spawn options the NC annihilated our soldiers on point quite fast.

After analysing our current situation we decided to hit Indar Excavation Site. Acknowledging that the NC was preoccupied defending their Tech Plant against the VS, we assumed that we might be able to secure this flank as well. We established spawn points on all sites of the base, commencing our assault and swiftly secured B and C. A was proving more of a challenge, seeing as it was located within the tower. Bringing in Light Assault we occasionally managed to contest the point, but otherwise the uphill battle was proving too much for our limited numbers. Despite defending their Tech Plant the NC moved more forces into the base, ultimately outgrowing our numbers. This lead to B and C being contested. Nonetheless the NC didn’t just managed to steamroll us as it usually would be the case. Instead we managed to successfully keep the southern part of the base around B contested, with the actual point constantly changing ownership. However we had to acknowledge that we would not succeed in taking the base with the current odds and hence looked for a new battle to fight.

That battle was a defensive battle against about 2 VS squads at Crossroads Watchtower. Although the TR was more or less holding their ground, we moved our squads in, overwhelming the VS entirely. We swiftly assigned our squads to the various capture points and retaking them, whereafter we pushed the VS out.

Keeping the momentum we charged the VS to Broken Arch Road. Being met with a greater resistance here, we deployed our Sunderers under fire on the northern side of the base, whilst our armour was keeping the VS vehicles at bay. Swiftly securing A, part of our forces took up defensive positions around the capture point, whilst the rest battled the VS throughout the base. However the VS advanced close to the eastern side of the base along the canyon wall and assaulted the lower part of the building containing the capture point. Although they were kept at bay at first, their excessive grenade and C4 spamming grinded our forces down, seeing as the reinforcements were tied down, either defending the upper entrance or trying to repel the VS at another front. Soon they managed to overwhelm the forces at the lower entrance and flank the defendants at the upper entrance, wiping our forces out completely. Nonetheless we kept on pushing and with the support of Maxes, we slowly worked our way towards the capture point, ultimately capturing it once more, despite heavy VS resistance on point. From here our forces advanced further towards the southern end of the base, slowly encroaching upon their spawn room. Despite this the VS resisted, gaining small footholds against us by expenditure of many live and nanites, only to see these positions ultimately fall back to us. Continuing to grind the VS down, we managed to secure the base in the name of the Angry Army!

Whilst analysing our situation our forces moved south to Tawrich Depot, however we moved our forces to the southern base of Tawrich Recycling, to aid against an overwhelming VS zerg. With only a minute to go and a vastly numerically superior zerg continuing to move in, we were unable in defending the base.

Looking at the map revealed that we were leading on the NC by only 1%, hence we endeavoured to keep them at bay by forcing them to defend Indar Excavation Site once more. Nonetheless with the NC and the VS focussing most parts of their efforts on us, we soon were outnumbered at every single battle the TR was participating in. Acknowledging that the alert would be impossible to turn around in 20 min, we chose to fight defensively at various bases in the meantime without any guidance from the platoon itself, until the alert is over and the racing phase could begin. With the squads splitting up along various bases to farm the enemy, we marked the end of our combat phase.



This concluded the combat phase and we moved to Hossin, to begin another exciting edition of our racing league. This time a Galaxy Team Race.


Congratulations to the winner of the AJSA Racing League #24, the Galaxy Team Race on Hossin, who really didn't have a team! (FYI: We can't award him the Racing award, seeing as he is from TRAF and doesn't have an account here (though that might be rectified in the future))


1. McPhearsom





During this event SgtRoss once more distinguished himself, earning him his second MVP. This time favouring the offensive, SgtRoss could be consistently observed throughout the Op dominating the front lines. Efficiently prioritizing targets, he managed to take on strong hostile positions, either wiping them on his own or weakening them sufficiently for the players following him to clear them out. His performance greatly boosted the death toll we inflicted upon our enemies, earning him the respect of the PS2 staff.




Although we cannot award them anything for their deeds, we would still like to emphasize the combat performance of the TRAF players McPhearsom and Nolen. Showing an immense skill in the game, they greatly exemplified the TRAF forces. They were highly effective in whatever endeavour they undertook, aiding us not only on the front lines, but also in supporting our troops by providing excellent spawn locations, flanking the enemies and defending key locations against the enemies. Willing and able to follow orders to the letter, they still aided the command with tactical advice regarding not only on how to take a base, but also on what strategies to pursue in the long term. Their skill, discipline and character left them in very high regard, as they formed the backbone of our platoon on many occasion, earning them the respect and admiration not only of the PS2 staff, but also from those AJSA soldiers observing them in action as well.



As always, did you take some cool screenshots or footage of the Op?  Post them below!

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Aww I must have just missed it.  GG.  TOO MUCH TO READ!  Looked fun. 

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I have about 46 minutes of footage on my Twitch, starting at Indar Comm Array and ending in whatever Biolab we were assaulting before my computer crashed and I had to switch to my laptop. Quality's probably not the best, but it can be found here if anyone is interested.

Conan likes this

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He and his scraggly, deafening speech based shenanigans will live on in our hearts and minds forever... even if most of us wanted to C4 his ass in the spawn room...


Seriously, how did this not make it into some kind of honorable mentions section of the AAR???

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I turned my ingame voice server off. I found that ever since the servers merged the amount of idiots using the voice chat has exploded. So whilst I heard of him, I haven't heard him.

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