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Thanks to everyone who participated in our 24th Op today; our last Op of 2014.  We started out with two squads, and finished with approximately the same.  Our fighting was confined to Indar for this Op.


In keeping with the spirit of the season, we started off with gift deliveries of spawn beacons at Xenotech Labs, which gave Santa the coordinates to drop the rest of our teammates from the Sleigh.  Unfortunately, this was around the same time that the NC pushed from Xenotech into Regent Rock, so we had to fall back to assist.  Our infiltrators flipped the Xenotech vehicle spawn, and we gave the NC at Regent Rock many gifts of high explosives, carefully gift wrapped and dropped down their tail-pipes.


After re-securing Regent Rock, we again pushed into Xenotech Labs, and overwhelmed the NC forces there.  Unfortunately, the NC began to ghost cap Alatum Botany Lab, Alpha squad was redeployed to secure the territory while Bravo went to start taking Crossroads Watchtower.  Unfortunately, the TR zerg at Xenolabs started to fall apart, and the NC started pushing more forces into the Botany lab.


Due to the increasing NC forces at Botany Lab, Bravo rejoined with Alpha to kick out the NC.  After evicting the Smurfs, we went back on the offensive, sending a large group of armor and Sunderers to capture Crossroads Watchtower.  We stalemated there for a while, but our newly formed Charlie squad helped the TR Zerg at Xenotech Labs to finally get it together, and with the assistance (read: meatshield-ness) of the TR Zerg, we secured Crossroads Watchtower and pushed down the line toward Broken Arch.


Although the NC put up stiff resistance, our forces overcame them at Broken Arch Road, and then at Tawrich Depot. Unfortunately, the TR Zerg lost focus and divided between several surrounding territories, and losses among our own players made it difficult to secure a foothold at the Tech Plant.  We fought bravely for about 10 minutes, but the NC poured more forces into the battle, and it became clear that we would not be able to take the Tech Plant.  We called an end to the Op, and proceeded to the Valkyrie race.




Congrats to Pigface, Robzgamez, Zanturaz, and Stagstig for winning the 25th race.  They managed to survive the NC Reaver and Liberator onslaught long enough to reach the finish line.




During this event DarklordSilva distinguished himself, earning him the MVP.  DarklordSilva provided excellent armor and MAX support, repeatedly holding off NC armor and wiping out NC air assets.  Efficiently prioritizing air targets, he blunted the NC air assault at Xenotech labs, allowing us to secure the point and continue our offensive toward the Tech Plant. His performance greatly boosted the death toll we inflicted upon our enemies, earning him the respect of the PS2 staff.



As always, did you take some cool screenshots or footage of the Op?  Post them below!

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Yeeh, So does that mean I get to have a Race winner banner like all the cool kids?

crazykidsbite likes this

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Yeeh, So does that mean I get to have a Race winner banner like all the cool kids?


Yeah, sorry, should have happened by now, hopefully you get it before you get your presents

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