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Campaign Mode: Perk System(sugestions)

5 posts in this topic

During the Campaign mode there have been two perks. One for Russia and one for Germany. To improve strategies I suggest a perk system. If you have any ideas on what perks, post here so that we can go through them. 


Example: Perk 1: Hey, that's my tank!!: This perk allows one team to take a tank from the enemy team's line up, to use in the next battle. While this may sound amazing, you will have to pay an extra point. 

Perks can be separated into different categories.


1. One time use perks. These can be used once in a battle or map depending on how that works. 


2. Cheaper is Better: These perks allow the commander to reduce the amount of points for certain vehicles. 


3. Lets Battle: These perks help commanders on the battlefield. 

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Love the idea of the perks.


How about a "salvage crew" perk (for both sides): you might salvage/recover 1 tank lost in the last fight as long as you win the map.

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prototype tank field trials : allowed to deploy X premium tank(s)? per battle


prototype plane field trials : allowed to deploy X premium plane(s)? per battle


mass production : the most produced vehicle of chosen nation costs less to deploy

german: stug G

russia: T-34 1942

america: M4A2

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Blitzkrieg: Team waits only 5or10 seconds to start battle instead of 15


Rolling Barrage: med tanks can now use artilery strikes aswel instead of just light tanks


German/Russian Engineering : Can bring 1 vehicle/or plane from up to BR7 to the field (full cost +1 extra for prototype)


Intelligence :opponent has to reveal 1/3 of his chosen tanks/planes in lineup for start before battle


Scout :1free scout vehicle per battle and middle map is decided by you presenting 3 maps to oppponent to chose from


Weather forecast :You choose weather settings for the map(3use only)


Air Dominance: You are allowed to use 1 more plane then normally allowed(30% of players rounded down) +1


Tactical Retreat : Your team has no countdown meter and last vehicle/plane destroyed in your team salvage 50%points back(rounded


For the Motherland/Fur das Deutsche Reich : when fighting in capital 1time gain 3x points allowance (pool points)


Entrenched/Dug in : when lost previous battle/retreated, next battle you can spend 1 extra player worth of points in combat


Russian/German Propaganda : 50% of 1 player worth of points extra to use in battle(2use/campaign)


more to come in due time or when inspiration comes up again :)

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