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Whats your 3DS/WiiU Hype Lineup for 2015?

6 posts in this topic

Allright, so lets make this clear. I've always loved Nintendo games, but the Wii made me have a love/hate relationship because of all those garbage 3rd party titles. But now,  here in the soon to be golden era of new games, I think it's time to put the list of the hypest games for me in 2915.

1.Story of Seasons (3DS)

This game is basically harvest moon with the name changed not to get copyright from Natsume. My waifu from Two towns is coming to this game, and their seems to be alot of cool features. Also being translated by XSEED, which is always great because they leave nothing out of the English version. Ready to farm!

2.Legend Of Zelda (WiiU)

Let's be honest here, LoZ is one of the best franchises as their isn't a single bad game in the series (well besides the CDIS but they don't count.) and every new installment has a great soundtrack, story, and puzzle solving madness. They also said this is open world but not open world, which kind of reminds me of Wind Waker. I'm ready to save Hyrule again!

3.Monster Hunter 4 (3DS)

This game is like a lucky small-town buisness. Everything starts out slow, but soon enough you have somehow managed to make it to the big leagues with everyone else. Not to mention, using a big dumb sword to kill a Dragon the size of MT. Everest is just cool man. Not to mention, one of the best CO-OP title games in existence. I'm ready to collect again!

4.Splatoon (WiiU)

Not gonna expand much on this one, just looks cool I guess. Ready to spray!

5.Shin Megami Tensei- Devil Survivor Break Record (3DS)

Oh dear, another SMT game on my list. This one is said to have remastered visuals, a new night, and so on. This might quench my thirst before SMTXFE. Ready to survive!

So, what are your top fives for 2015 Nintendo Games?

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2015 - zelda, splatoon, starfox, xenoblade  @ wiiu

2014 - bayonetta 1&2, mario kart, smash bros @ wiiu


btw. i actually play metroid prime on gamecube (still have my gamecube connected to the TV) and the last 3 bosses in a row are pretty awesome.

i completed already prime and echoes in past years ago but the game is still a challenge.


a new metroid in 3rd person perspective for wiiu would be awesome!

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I'd have to say Monster Hunter 4 is topping the charts for me. LoZ looks cool but I'm not huge into the Zelda series (that's not going to win me any friends lol). Star Fox? Really? How did I miss this?? Can't wait! As long as it's not like Star Fox: Adventures or Assault... I'll have to look into it.

Dang I don't think I can come up with 5 but I'd definatley want to see where this amiibo thing goes.

On a side note: Not a top five or related but i wish they'd do something Metroid

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Etrian Odyssey 5, etrian odyssey 2 untold, etrian odyssey mystery dungeon =P.

Monster hunter 4?....not sure... I've wanted to get into the monster hunter series, it looks really interesting and fun to me, and I bought MH3FreedomUnite on my psp...But... I can't play it... ITS TOO EFFING DARK (literally, not the story). I mean unless I'm playing in a dark room or something, I can't see shit. That game has the worst damn contrast I've seen on a handheld, it all looks like mud and I don't know if I'm running into a wall or down a corridor when I'm in a cave.

So uhh, I'm not sure if I'll dig MH4 or not for my 3ds.


There's another game I'm looking forward to on 3ds, I forget what it was at the moment though, doh.

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Majora's Mask 3D, Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, Codename STEAM, Legend of Zelda Wii U and many others. Can't forget Xenoblade Chronicles X and the new Fire Emblem game for 3DS.

That's my anticipation for 2015.

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My hype list of 2015



Monster Hunter 4 ultimate (actually pre ordered the sexy new 3ds edition and can't wait to go out and hunt again since the demo has me hyped and ready for it)

The legend of Zelda majoira's mask 3D (my favourite 3D zelda game i can't wait to play it again on the 3ds and see the new things that are added since i have held out from seeing any videos to stop from being spoiled )

Xenoblade Chronicles 3D (can't wait to play it again on handheld)

Mewtwo smash DLC (can't wait to play as mewtwo again)

Fire Emblem (love the fire emblem series and liked awakening)



Splatoon (shaping up to be a great new IP)

Xenoblade Chronicles X (looks so pretty and am looking forwars to when in 2015 we will get it probably Q3/4 considering that it looks like it might nearly be ready)

Mario Maker (looks great and can't wait to make some unique levels|)

Mewtwo smash DLC and Tournament mode (looking forward to play as mewtwo again and hope he gets awesome amiibo too as well as tournament mode)

zelda wiiu (looking forward to exploring a massive world and if it is like skyrim mixed with zelda, my god that will be GOTY material),

star fox (we have waited too long for a new star fox game and if it is back to basics with awesome arwing dogfights like lylat wars)


I might be interested in project steam but i might wait and see about it if there is going to be a demo for us in europe, overall it looks like a good lineup of games and can't wait for them to come out 

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