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Moba event

6 posts in this topic

For it to be organized i think instead of looking at it as a LoL vs Dota fans make it a more integrated event were who is the best moba player. I have been trying to get in contact with different officers from different moba guild see if any of them are interested. (the more moba the better in my eyes) Also we can keep it to teams or random the teams your choice.(from the different guilds)

If there is any more officers of any mobas that would like to get involved please leave your contact info.

Also the commanders apparently don't want any thing that would make (for exp.) dota fans go at LoL fans and fight or whatever. (which i know my guild and none of LoL guys would do that).

More on for organizing, it should be done on set dates and I'll make sure that i get a post and everything up a month ahead of time. Rules should be pretty simple.( keep it in the code of conduct).

Like i said we need to be able to keep this as most civil as possibles hence all the officers that should get involved. Officers of their guild needs to make sure that their guild is being respectable at all times.

Having any twitch/streams would help for this event. If you know anyone that would like to stream the event don't be afraid to suggest his name.

That is all i have to add for now. Please don't be afraid to add on to or suggest some new ideas.

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been extremely busy but i would like a lot of input on this as possible also i stil don't know who to get in contact with for smite and all the other moba game officers that would like to get involed i just don't have the time been really busy. The more help to get this event rolling the better

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Smite Officers:
agosparti, Burbles, (agosparti seems to be the main guy on a guess)
LoL: 0 officers ?
Dota: 0
If some one would resolve the "None Found" mark as of what game that guy is an officer to. This would solve the problem with "finding the officers" quest. And don't you dare tell me that is because officers are officers of multiple games. I have no idea how could anyone and why should he be multy officer. That just means he is not doing anything in one of those games.
I guess that you can try contacting Seph for LoL. He is commanding Officer of something and my guess, officer for LoL, since he is making pinned posts in their Forum.
1. What MOBA games:
Now it is clear that Dota, LoL and Smite do have the players. There will surly be atleast 5 from each that will be proper mannered and show love and understanding about all games. I personally have played every MOBA game I got my hands on just to try it(and you can only be very good in one of them). In the end those 3 are unique on their own way and best represent this genre and the differences in it.
The only other game we could include is IC, but good luck trying to find some one playing it. The only one that likes it is Angry Joe it's for DC fans but the difference with LoL is too minor. The game also have different accounts for US and EU.

2. Character Locks:

We all know this issue. Only Dota have all chars unlocked. The rest of the games will have only the weekly free characters available to all players. So if you do in-hause you have to stick to the available for all.

3. I admit this is a good idea and I support it. And it would be much easier to decide what to do and how to do it after you contact the Officers of those games and after they pick or ask who would like to take part in this event. The way I see it all the games should have enough players willing to take part. But to ask them if they will you must first decide with the other officers what will exactly the event be and how is it going to take place.

4. Open questions as a member:
Do you intend to have players from all the games try each game in a row? Or the players play their own best game. Is it going to be In-hause or games of party of 5. Combined teams sounds like crazy and funny idea but will probably result in lost games and the players need to be able to show understanding.

In any case I am interested to see what the other Officers of MOBA games will have to say about this collaboration and we will see how far are we stand as a community. It would be nice if we get some transparency and a heads up about such events and how we could join them.

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LoL: 0 officers ?

Dota: 0

For League there is me, Seph and well not really an officer but our LoL Event Coordinator. =P


Dota 2 has several game officers actually as well.


I think this is a great idea but instead of playing all 3 games randomly, all officers including members should make a votepoll on which of the 3 moba games we first play. If that goes well, we can vote for the next moba game and so on.


But before doing that, all officers should gather up at a certain date and see what kind of events we do, when, how etc, so simply, we need to make a detailed plan on this.

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I know the officers for Dota because I am in the Dota division. The problem with the Roster is that unless you are in that Division you don't know who the officers are. But never mind that.

Well every Random event is hard to plan. If the vote is done during a cast or right before it. Then the officers need to have all players from all games ready to play but only if people vote for their game. As far as I understand the idea is that we show at least 2 or more MOBA games. Because there have been almost 0 stream time for MOBA games in the official AJSA Twitch steams.

When you start an event you need to ask yourself what do you want to achieve. With twitch the answer is always the same, get more viewers. But I think we should be allowed to use it for community reasons. You can use it to educate players how to play. Show how AJSA members work together and represent. In any case so far I think the goal here is collaboration between the different MOBA game Divisions. 

My personal idea is gather 5 of your best players from all games that will be played and have them play each game after an other. This way you need only 5 players, one or 2 casters and you can keep consistency during the stream with the same people. Preparation should be that those 5 install and play each game together at least once before the stream. Of course that is just my idea. I like simple things. I don't see how we should do this with a bunch of teams from each game.

The main problem with MOBA games stream and AJSA:
AJ like big armies and our games are just 5 on 5. So it's not like we can make one giant event will a bunch of players all together. So I think that is the main reason no one is streaming MOBAs on the AJSA stream. The games are too hard to learn to play and from a non-player of that game, it's really confusing to follow or enjoy.

Issues we had in the Dota division with streaming our game:
1. Have a caster that actually knows the game. If you keep the players in the stream voice chat then they should be able to explain what is going on. If not, you MUST find a co-caster for each game played, that actually understands the game. Else you have some guys talking about some thing.

2. Have a caster that soul purpose is representing the AJSA not his view count. That talks less about himself and more about what is happening to the thing he is suppose to cast.

3. Informing our own members that this will be casted and they should see it. There is nothing more boring then watching finals of a tournament with 7 viewers. 2 of witch are the casters ...

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I like what digital said about keeping it to the 5 players and keeping it consent. Those 5 people from each moba showed be the main focus. If more people would like to join i guess we can make a page with a list of people that would like to partake in the event and tell them they can play each game doing fun modes or watever. Then recorded it  and post up on the forums. ex 


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