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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Server Relaunch!

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About Me:


I go by the name Redjakk and I am a community moderator on these forums. I will now also be acting as the game officer for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. I hope to successfully run a fun and friendly environment for all of you to play in, and I hope to have a good time playing with those of you who are interested in the game.


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is the most recent of four games in the franchise based solely on competitive multi-player. There are two sides, one being Counter-Terrorists and the other is of course Terrorists. This game is also a currency based game, this means that completing objectives and/or successfully killing a person on the other team to earn money. You then use this money to buy your equipment in the buy menu. More money, means better equipment. CS:GO's competitive play is objective based, the two modes available are demolition and hostage rescue. The most popular game mode on the competitive level is demolition. There are also two other modes of play, one being team death-match and the other arms race. Counter-Strike is a game with a long history, it first started out as a mod for the first Half-Life game. With it's increased popularity over the years it has managed to become the game it is today. CS:GO is kind of a throwback to the the original game mechanics that were most popular in competitive leagues. CS:GO feels like Counter-Strike 1.6, but looks like what you'd expect from a newer game. So despite the years that have passed Counter-Strike is still very popular, and CS:GO is trying to maintain that reputation, and feels successful with the resurrection of a strong competitive league.
What's Good:
This is a tactical game to a point, it's not as in-depth as some like ARMA or Insurgency. However you will need to prepare each round deciding on what actions to take. How will you defend? How will you attack? How much should you spend when buying your equipment? These are all things you'll need to think about when playing the game. Also communication is key, so it's also a very cooperative game as well.
Not that into competitive mode? Well they also have a casual mode for those who do not wish to deal with the stresses involved with playing competitively. There's also two other modes that are for fun, called team death-match and arms race. In team death-match it's a team versus team type of play where you just kill each other. The winners of this mode are the ones who performed the best out of both teams. Arms race is a game mode where you race through the different guns in the game by getting kills with a particular gun. With each kill you will proceed to the next gun until you are left with nothing but your knife. Be the first one to kill someone with your knife and you win the game.
This game isn't dying anytime soon, people will always be playing. There's also matchmaking for competitive mode, so if you don't have a team then you can find one by going into matchmaking.
What's Bad:
When playing in low-tick servers you will notice shots not registering on people which can be frustrating. This is even more infuriating when playing competitively using the matchmaking system. The reason for this is because Valve servers are used in matchmaking, and their servers run at 60 tick-rate, which is very bad.
Hackers also queue in matchmaking, but this is inevitable in any game. You may also experience some pretty mean people in the game be it matchmaking or not, but this is also inevitable in any game. So consider this bit here as a reminder.
You will sometimes experience one-hit kills. Not all people dislike this, but it is upsetting at times.
Goals and Events:
So what's going to be done with the server is that I'm going to have it set as its default style of play. What this means is that it will remain as a demolition and hostage rescue style of play. I may put death-match on it depending whether or not the server is getting any traffic, or just have it there for fun sometimes. I also plan on adding any maps that I find well balanced to the server, so you can expect custom maps. Of course you guys may suggest maps to me, and you can do that after I create a topic where you can post suggestions. I will check the maps out myself and determine whether or not they're well balanced and will be put on our server.
As for events, I would like to plan in-house tournaments, there might possibly be rewards for the winners in the future, but not for certain though. That kind of thing really depends how active and how successful things are, so I will need your guy's help on this. Also there will be events where we just all gather and play together, I'll consider finding fun game modes to play, but for now I'll be keeping the game vanilla.
Our Server:
Our server is a 16 slot server that runs at 128 tick which is good, and I'm really happy that we could get that. You can find our server by adding it to your favorites at the following IP address.

I hope to see you guys on, and I hope you enjoy playing on our server.





You can find the CS:GO section of our forum by clicking on this link.

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