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Heyo, I just go by Cookie. I turned 18 last October (and got a sweet tat as a birthday present). I'm a huge fan of strategy games like Crusader Kings 2, Xcom, Civilization V. RPGs like Fallout 3 (Maybe my fave game of all time) and Skyrim! I've recently really gotten into Crusader Kings 2 (Game of Thrones mod) again after a recent update.


I have a Steam account (Shadow_Stark) where I play 7 Days to Die and Nosgoth (Though Nosgoth not so much as I was better with a controller :$) I also play SMITE a lot!! But mostly custom games with a couple people every now and then. And I've recently gotten into Hearthstone. Really noobie lol.


7 Days to Die might be one of my favorite games right now because of its potential. I love survival :) and for an Alpha and it's so much fun!! (My dream is a game similiar except with Xenos from Alien. That would be terrifying ;_ ;)


I'm in love with Game of Thrones and Marvel/DC. (Got a bunch of kickbutt batman, Ironman gear). Game of Thrones is another strong passion. I watch every show immediately, then a hundred times after. I play everything I can that looks good (Telltale and Crusader Kings 2) if it has somthing to do with GoT. I am also a firm believer of R + L = J after too much evidence suggest otherwise!! :P


Oh, and I am also a wrestling fan. Which is why I struggle watching WWE! Go, SHIMMER and NXT! And I play TEW 13 nonstop (An in depth, insane, booking/text based simulator.)

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