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Anybody Still Playing BF4

7 posts in this topic

Depends on what your looking for. if your looking to play with a big group of the PS4 AJSA members than your best bet it is to keep an eye on the PS4 game night thread to see what games are gonna be played and the times that those groups get together (BF4 gets requested alot so you should be good). if your looking for a couple of guys and gals to just have some fun then just check the forum for groups looking to get small squads together.

My PSN is CrashSmashMan feel free to add me if you need someone to back you up in BF4(or any other games). 

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Well. I'm very late right now. I haven't been to PS4 for long times. Right now, I need to visit to FBI building about argument and controversy on PSN. I have supported to FBI and FBI will help me out. FBI will also help me to solve the problems and goals before attacking the Los Angeles, California. If my goals is succeed, there will be no invasion on Los Angeles, California. So I will play BF4 on PS4 with you.

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I have it but on PC. I only played like 12-15 hours online before getting tired of the fact that you can pay to get the better guns or spend 300 hours earning them.

Doesn't seem fair.

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I'm usually down for some BF4. My PS4 is out being serviced right now, but feel free to add me and we can play when I get it back! PSN:Flame_aGc

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