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Predestination movie review. One of the best movie of 2014. Ranks around 2 and 1 on my best list. See it!

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Just saw an Australian made movie called Predestination, and one of the best movies I have seen for 2014 if I actually saw it last year. From the maker of another awesome movie about vampires called Daybreakers. Go Aussie!


The plot of the movie is very simple. Ethan Hawke plays a time travelling crime fighter. His mission is to travel back in time and prevent a bombing from happening in 1975, and to start his mission, he has to work as a bartender and talk to a woman played by Sarah Snook. What happens next? Fucking mindblowingly awesome stuff. You just have to see it for yourself.


This movie, is amazing. It's one of those movies where there's a lot of twists, and it cannot be spoiled at all. There's actually lots and lots of foreshadowing just from the characters in the movie making conversation, and if you're observant, you'll know exactly what happens in the plot. I actually saw the whole twist coming in the early parts of the movie, but it's so fucking brilliant that even I am amazed by it. Holy freaking shitballs!


Ethan Hawke did a great job playing his role, and so is the Aussie girl Sarah Snook.


This woman is going to be the next big star in the future. Damn she did a fine job indeed, and you'll see a lot of that through her transformation from being a teenager to an adult. She better receive an oscar in the future or else I'll be pissed.


The coolest thing about this movie for me is that one of the set when the girl is going to be an astronaut lady takes place right here:




This is what it looks like in the movie.



This building is the RMIT University in Melbourne, and it's right next to my apartment, right next beside the bath house/gym and nearby Victoria Market. Such a weird feeling to have a building next to my house used for a movie, like, an awesomely weird feeling.



If there's anything I don't like about the movie......... uhmmmm, I can't find anything I don't like. Oh wait, the only thing I don't like is that the sound effect when a gun trigger is cocked in the movie is just a stock sound effect. The one used in pretty much most fps games and movies in the old days. That's it!



Overall, this is one of my favorite movie of 2014. Easily a top 2. I can't pick between this or the Raid 2 for favorite. Both movies are so awesome in their own way.


10 out of 10 and it gets a badass seal of approval.




Man, first the Babadook and then this. Australia is on a roll!

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