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Civilization Beyond Earth: Any Epic Stories?

2 posts in this topic

So, I just had an awesome session of Civ:BE. So epic, in fact, I felt like sharing. If anyone else has any stories to add, fire away.

So, small map for 4 players. Lower difficulty, but that doesnt affect the story. So there's 2 continents elongated across the center. I play the Kavithan, and pretty early i run into the ARC directly NE, not too far. I'm situated on the thickest part of the continent. I'm none aggressive to start, but naturally i eventually have to engage the aliens, and the early part of this session is me trying to expand and fight aliens. I meet the Slavis Fed to the east, on an isthmus. I know they are the more aggessive faction, plus i want to expand, so I set up on their first city with marines, rangers/gunners, and an artillery. I manage to push thru his combat rovers, missle rovers, and soldiers and eventually I raze one city and puppet the rest. The Franco, who are across the sea to the east, do not like this, nor do the ARC. I pander to their sentiments and eventually amp trade up signif. with ARC. I spend a whole lot of time lvling cities, tech and affinities, choosing supremacy. Health becomes a major factor, so I don't focus too military outside of the aliens. however, at one point, no matter what I tried to do, the ARC declare war, because "its just business." And I had a good thing going with them too. Soon the Franco declare war as well. By now the ARC border is right on mine, so down from the north come the Arc supremacy units. I, however, had CNDRs, Disciples, overseers, and educators. I rush to defend my northern city, but they eventually overrun me and puppet it. I fight long, sending and making units from my slavic cities in the west, which I had long annexed. i focus on disciples, cndrs, and overseers, esp those, for trying to take my city back. I finally reclaim it, only to lose it the next turn again. After a few more, I reclaim it again. The entire time im trying to negotiate, but no luck. So, with some effort, i build up and roll north, crushing a startup city to the NE, and hitting his northern city, then turning east towards the capital. I also begin to push from the SE. By now, she's no longer producing units, so rolling over the cities gets way easy. By now, I've got prophets, executors, apostles, and heralds, with some arbiters as well, plus a ton of prime cndrs. I take her capital, and then her last cities. She "writes it off in debit." Soon after, Franco calls for peace, but I want Harmony blood, and she hated me more than ARC did. I cross the see in epic pacfic theater fashion, with a D-Day vibe in between. my shepard and arbiters soften a small northern city, and my troops land and begin an epic charge towards her capital, despite the cobras, marauders and locusts. Her cities are massively built up and tightly spaced, so i start taking fire from multiple cities. The academies and gardens outside the capital provide an epic, surreal feeling as my cndrs and apostles charge the center of harmony aggression. I take the capital, securing my place in the future and winning a domination victory.
Epic. I want a movie.

So, what's yours?


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I was doing a duel map, playing as the Organization of South American States. My opponent was Franco-Iberia. I primarily focused towards Purity, while they went fully into Harmony. Needless to say, this would not do. I had considered going for the Emancipation victory, but then I remembered all the harassment I had received from Franco-Iberia in previous campaigns, and instead decided to engage my standard solution to such matters. I began amassing an army. Initially, there were numerous alien nests between my forces and enemy cities, so I let my Gunners test their weapons against them, using the resulting data to further my technological advancement. The first war was relatively uneventful, but it dragged on for quite some time, as the peace agreements I was initially offered were intolerable, and I will sooner fight to the bitter end than give my enemy 7 energy per turn as part of a peace agreement. Eventually, the war ended, and I opened espionage operations in their cities, siphoning resources necessary for my military-industrial complex. As I carried on outpacing my enemy in wonder production to an embarassing degree, I noticed Franco-Iberian cities slowly but surely popping up closer to my territory. I also began seeing a large military force moving towards my territory. I waited until they were right on top of my forces, which had already been staging for an offensive, then began the second war. This war was far more bloody, and resulted in me razing one of their newer cities to the ground before they decided they'd had enough. The ending of the second war led to setting up for what would be the third and final war. I had started pulling my forces back to my territory, but then my agents said that Franco-Iberia was working on...something that would let them "achieve transcendence" with the help of "extraterrestrial consciousness". Apparently they had picked up some sort of Xeno signal that they were starting to call "Vanu". This was the final straw. It was at this point I resolved that this third war would be the final one, as I would not allow it to end until one of us destroyed the other. I began maneuvering my forces into a position that would let them catch one city in a vice and wipe it out entirely, then quickly drive on to Le Couer. My small fleet of Destroyers began to notice they had a huge amount of Poseidons amassing in their waters, and all my cities were coastal, so it was clear I would only have one chance to defeat them. I opened my offensive, quickly taking the city, while taking fire on my flanks as I moved out and razed various land improvements. The resistance from the enemy military was relatively slim, aside from the naval bombardment of one of my cities. I drove on to the enemy capital with Lancers, LEVs, Punishers, and Guardians. Once I got within visual range, the chilling sight of 4 Xeno Titans fell on my eyes. I sent my attack force to the north of Le Couer while I kept my infantry to the south. The Xeno Titans drove towards the infantry detachment, with several Minotaurs following them. At first I wondered why this siege force was not moving to take out my attack force, but then I remembered I had committed everything to this offensive. If the southern flank fell, there was absolutely nothing between the enemy and my cities that would be able to stop their advance. Having no alternative, my assault Le Couer was somewhat less strategic and more desperately reckless. It became even more so as the southern flank was utterly slaughtered by the Xeno Titans. Finally, with a massive bombardment from my LEVs and Punishers, my Lancers drove into the mostly ruined city. With no one to command them, the Xeno Titans broke off and disappeared into the wilderness. My forces were ordered to bombard that "Mind Flower" thing they were building, removing the last trace of the Franco-Iberian efforts to "transcend". Humanity is now free to reshape this world into a new Earth, upon which we may prosper as we once did.


Honor. Justice. Duty.


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