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[Example Request] Final Fantasy XIV : A Realm Reborn

10 posts in this topic

FFXIV is a MMORPG that had a rough start. The game was originally a complete failure and the company had to send out apology letter for how bad the game was. They also did not charge a subscription fee for an entire year. Since the 2.0 update the game has really started to gain ground with the new dev team. Update 3.0 (expansion pack) is coming out this spring and I feel that this is a great time for anyone even remotely interested in this game to definitely take a look in to this game. There is a free trial that you can download on steam, the FFXIV website, or on the PSN for PS3/PS4 players. SO come join us on Jenova already!  


People currently playing: (That I can name off the top of my head)

  • Seph
  • DamionRayne(not currently on our server)
  • Doshka
  • Withastick
  • Eiousx
  • Froydoy
  • Shagger


  • Clan support in the form of Free Companies
  • Friendly Community
  • Final Fantasy EVERYWHERE (chocobos, morbols, cactaur, moogles. So much nostalgia)
  • Beautiful graphics, Complete with day/night cycle and weather that is not static
  • You can play all the classes on one character (no need for alts)
  • Muliple ways of leveling (quests, dungeons, guildhests, guildleves, hunting log, guild quests)
  • Main story as well as a story for each class's respective guild (guilds in this game are factions for the various classes)
  • A deep crafting system where every gathering/crafting profession is it's own class with its own skills, gear, and stats relative to gathering/crafting
  • Player and free company housing. Complete with stables to raise chocobos (do I really need to say anything more?)
  • Golden Saucer coming with next update (Feb 2015... Do I even need to explain this one?)


  • Tab target combat (similar to WoW)
  • Can get grindy expecially when leveling other classes (quests can only be done once)
  • Subscription fee (though I actually prefer it, most do not)
  • PvP (the reason I am mentioning this is because the game does support PvP but in a very limiting way. It has an arena style and a larger 3 way pvp match. I do not know much about it but the game feels odd as a pvp game to me.)
  • Invisible walls... There are places, that you can see, but you cannot touch them. There are also ledges that you cannot jump off of (which is good sometimes)
  • The zones can feel a little confined at times. (This has alot to do with those invisible walls...)
  • Most quests are pretty generic. Fetch this, kill that.



Example Event:

  • Raid nights! There are 24 man raids in this game that we would love to start doing every week but we need you to come help us beat them. 
  • We are also doing a fund raiser in game for our free company house. This will let us setup stables so that everyone can start raising their chocobos aaaannnnnddd.... Chocobo breeding when it comes out in 3.0 (we have no clue how its going to work but it is coming. Everything is pretty vague on the 3.0 update)


We really hope more of you come join us on Jenova so we can get this free company back up and running. Update 3.0 also known as heavensward is just around the corner with a ton of new features. If you were ever considering playing FFXIV, now is the best time to come check it out. Or, comeback if you used to play.

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I am seeing more and more posts not following the template that was presented so I figured I would make one about a game that I want supported. Hopefully this will clear up some confusion about how to make a post in this section of the forums.

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You are more than welcome to join us on Jenova when the servers come back up tomorrow. We are also in teamspeak almost every day.

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I play!

We are fairly active. Our most active times are on the weekend. Come join us in teamspeak tomorrow as the servers are down for maintenance and implementation of patch 2.5. 

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I'm trying to log on a couple of hours a day through the week, then really plough into it through the weekend.

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Is this a thing? Please let this be a thing...


Wife and I play this as our "Us Time" game, would love to find a good FC.

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This will be a thing very shortly. I am not actively recruiting atm because we do not have ownership of our free company but will soon. You and your wife and definitely welcome to play with us on jenova and I will be recruiting outside the ajsa once we get everything ready to go.

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well i know someone who would be happy in AJSA. i will go talk to him on PSN. IF you want to PM him for an invitation is tag is Hishinuma.

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I am going to leave this one up in the main area as an example post for other potential games wishing to apply.

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