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Depression... any advice on how to deal with it?

28 posts in this topic

Listen to Grunge, It can help or make it worse depending on your state of mind. I suggest you start with Nirvana then work your way down.

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There's no really good advice for this, almost everyone who gets depression overcome it with different methods, for me it was going back to school after i left it in 2007 and then go to the university. A temporary solution is to find a routine in wich you can feel better for some time but it doesn't last long.

Also i agree with Anubist, some nice humours can help a lot (i suggest to make jokes about yourself, i know it sounds strange but taking yourself a little bit less seriously helped me quite a lot).

Another thing that might help is to meet new people but i wasn't able to do so and actually made things worst for me but helped a former friend of mine to overcome his depression.

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Just saw this. May help some to get their head around whats going on in somebody and as somebody who fights this... it gives you a good look nd some thoughts.


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