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The Repopulation?

3 posts in this topic

Earlier last year, The Repopulation went into a public alpha, claiming to be a sandbox mmorpg with influence from SWG and Ultima Online.  Joe did a stream on it, but unfortunately I missed it.  Please leave opinions and thoughts about its current, and planned features.

Note that this is not a post about wanting to see the game become official, but rather seeing who is interested and what is known about this title.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ie_pPYZNjk0

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It's on Steam now and I've been keeping my eyes on it for some time.

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I got this yesterday and have played it a bit.

It's a hero engine game, and play requires you to sign up for an account on the hero engine aggregation site.

Being a hero engine game you can expect all the standard issues with games that choose that engine.  Poor optimization, jittery animations, FPS drops on the beefiest of hardware, terrible rendering of models with no curves... etc.

Gameplay is closer to ground combat in Star Trek online or Star wars galaxies NGE than WoW or Archeage.

I find that strange, because most of the fans of the game site it's likeness to SWG.  I think they may be desperate refugee's in denial, because they hated this very set of combat mechanics when it was introduced in SWG or STO.

The game used to be more autoattack, GCD, skill oriented before as has been explained to me by a dev, but they changed it to the disjointed, neither here nor there action / tactical combat they have now based on user feedback.

It really is a damn mess.

It's currently an alpha build but the Devs have said the game is 95% feature complete, so no big overhauls on basic game mechanics are in the pipeline.

Basically i'd stay away from this one.

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