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(AAR) PS2 OP #27: Second Reverse: The Harasserning! (SCREENSHOT AND VIDEO ROUND-UP)

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Thanks to everyone who joined us during our 27th official Operation! We started this Op with about 30 people structured into 3 squads and our numbers only slightly deteriorated towards the end of the Op.


To kick things in this Reverse Op off, we headed to Esamir to start another exciting edition of our racing league. This time a stock Harasser death race


Congratulations to the winning team of the AJSA Racing League #28, the stock Harasser Death Race on Esamir, which disputed result was formally decided in a duel between ProfessorOaked and BlackOpsElf, utilizing Commissioners.


1. General Bravo, Dark Templar and ProfessorOaked



After we successfully determined the victor of the race by trial of combat, we moved our platoon to Indar, although an alert on Esamir had started. We decided to hit the Vanu on Indar at Alkali Shipping in order to cut the VS advances at our Bio Lab off. Swiftly moving in with Galaxies, we took the VS by surprise and although we were outpopped by 2:3, we still managed to wreak havoc among those players that did not yet move out to hit Saurva Bio Lab. Soon after we initially dropped, we cleared the capture point out and begun to set up a defense against the numerically superior, but less organized opposition. Taking the base in the name of the Angry Army, we now turned to the north-west, to clear out the VS armour zerg, which was initially headed to take Saurva South Fortress, mercilessly clearing them out.


Having cleared the VS out, we now turned towards Dahaka Uplink Hub, to make advances towards the VS controlled Dahaka Amp Station, which rightfully belongs to the faction controlling the northern warpgate on Indar (which happened to be the TR today). Our first attempts at assaulting the base from the west were met with about numerically equal VS players on that section of the defense, using the wall of the base to their advantage in the battle. Realizing that this direction of assault would result in nothing but a bloody grind-fest meant that we resorted to a Sunderer to the south of the base. Although we had to cross quite a bit of territory to the capture point we overall outnumbered them at the start and thus proceeded mostly undisturbed towards the capture point, where we set up our defensive line.

We were soon outnumbered after the Vanu reinforcements were starting to pour in. Although we were only significantly outpopped during the last minute of the cap, the VS still put a lot of pressure on the capture point, assaulting primarily the northern entrance with the brunt of their force, but also put enough pressure on the south, so we had to commit forces there as well. Having the majority of our forces concentrated inside the capture point building, enabled us to tie the VS to the entrances and deny them access to the capture point, meaning that once more a base was conquered in the name of the Angry Army!


However the VS was heavily disgruntled at the prospect of losing the base and rallied more than a hundred players to steamroll us. With the immense amount of fire this zerg was putting on the wall, it soon became inhospitable to our forces, which meant the VS swept past our most crucial line of defense and headed straight to the capture point. Despite the superior resistance, we still advanced up to the southern entrance of the capture point building and managed to gain control of the lower level, something the VS never did manage in their defense of the base. Nonetheless the zerg caused us to lose this base and was now advancing on our other base of Alkali Shipping.


Pulling light armour to blunted the zerg heading for us, we met the VS in the fields and narrow ridges south of Alkali Shipping. Despite being outgunned, we managed to exploit the terrain in our favour and tie the enemy up around certain chokepoints. However trying to push the VS back towards Dahaka Uplink Hub was also made impossible with our numbers by said chokepoints.


Ceding the responsibility of the defense to our allied outfits, we diverted our forces straight to the Amp Station, in an attempt to dissipate the VS zerg entrenched south of Alkali Shipping. Having to take down two shield generators meant that the VS had the time to be able to divert part of their attention towards us and reinforce the Amp Station. Although we made early progress, it soon was undone in a stalemate between us and the Vanu.


With about 2 hours already spent in the event and the combat constantly resulting in stalemates, we decided to move towards the end phase, namely a Harasser zerg. Pulling it from Saurva Bio Lab, we headed straight for the VS zerg south of Alkali Shipping. With the zerg itself being a bit more dispersed and with our numerous fast moving vehicles, we were able to tear the remaining vehicles apart. Whilst we still lost all vehicles in the process, we still realized that we were now in a position we earlier endeavoured to achieve; we were at the gates of Dahaka Uplink Hub. Exploiting this, we now moved into the base to assault it once more. Already knowing the flow of the battle in this base from our previous encounter, we once more set up a strong defensive position inside the capture point building. Standing fast, we were able to deny the VS entrance into the building until about a minute prior to it being lost, when the VS managed to claim the lower level for themselves. Throwing our remaining forces against the encroaching opposition on the stairs, we were able to deny them access long enough for reinforcements to arrive and the timer to reach 0, meaning once more we captured this base in the name of the Angry Army.


Listening to announcements from Commander Damion Rayne, regarding the recreation of Arma 3, we aimlessly zerged the VS at Cora Med Labs, whilst we outpopped them slightly, they still had sufficient forces to put up a resistance. Nonetheless we managed to repel them back to their spawn room and lay siege to it, ensuring we took this base as well for the Angry Army!


As always, did you take some cool screenshots or footage of the Op?  Post them below!

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