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Dragons Dogma Online

7 posts in this topic

Capcom is screwing up again. The game dragons dogma came out in 2012 and had one expansion. It was an action adventure RPG that had elements of skyrim and monster hunter and a bunch of other games. The boss fights were especially awesome because you could climb up upon your boss and slash away at their head or body. It was underrated but was a good game. Now in 2015 they are going to release an online version of the game with 4 player coop, but not in the west.

Please do some research and discuss on the topic.

Here is Angry Joe's Review of the game

Here is the trailer for the game


Here is a link to a petition on Change.org to get it released in the west.


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This has nothing to do with Kickstarter, moved to general.

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I'm pretty sure its still only being released in japan though, you'll have to purchase (I'm guessing) the game for the consoles but i'm pretty sure I've read it being f2p for pc so obviously microtransaction.

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update: heard in another topic I posted that apparently capcom has arranged some patent/copyright (or whatever) for the west, so perhaps they're hoping if it does well in Japan they'll expand gloabally?

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