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Suggestion for 4x event.

8 posts in this topic

                  I would like to suggest a weekly 2-3 hour event where we can either play 4 x titles like Endless Legend as a large scale map with many player slots. Of course this can also be applied to turn based games such as Civilization 5 or Civilization Beyond Earth as well as any like titles.

The only rules would be a set turn limit before combat but alliances are not limited at all. I think this would be a great event that we can create to be run weekly to get the community involved.

Now if someone isn't able to show then another person can jump into that slot. We would keep going every week using the same save file until a win. With the game officer in charge of the event holding onto that save file for that particular game.

We can do this event in addition to any other strategy game event the community may have. Please consider this idea and offer any suggestions of your own.

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I REALLY like the idea as well but don't have endless legend or many newer 4x games and probs wont be able to get it for a long while unless a kind person randomly buys it for me on steam (damn you student fees!)

One game that would be amazing for this would be galactic civilizations 3 when it gets released.

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Well let's wait for the Steam Sales or Steam Summer Sales. What I mean, let's set this idea for the summer so EVERYONE can play cheap and happily together. This is why we use PCs after all. But yes I am all about playing games together with real people instead of AIs.


If you didn't know, the AJSA Jebby is actually the GET TO GO guy if you want to play 4X games (I don't mean that there is no official thing, just that we gather people we know). Last summer I played Civilization V with 8 other players and it was fun as hell. Slow but fun.

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This seems like a good idea. (trying to be more active here truth be told)

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i'd play if we could get this somehow orginized

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We used to do Civ 5 pretty often. Beef knows who all has the game. We have talked about doing a long haul play till a winner game but nothing solid has ever formed as of yet.

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