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I have a bad feeling about this? I think?

28 posts in this topic

There's always been people trying to take a bite of whatever is trending and then try to magnify the drama by exaggeration, dramatising and ranting. I'm sure it was only last year or before that there were some videos saying 'joe has turned on the fan base' 'joe's crashing out' etc etc. Yet Joe's videos are not just on my feed but high on youtube trending in general.

A recent example of people chasing trends was projared when his personal life was exposed and everything just kicked off having youtubers, (and some I'm sure once praised projared) turn against him not just in critique but in full on rant mockery click baiting mode. I find that there are a number of youtubers that are quite opportunistic, or more to it willing to jump on a trend if it gives them the extra subscribers.

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Please don't revive 4+ year old threads or long forgotten troll accounts, even that video posted is over three years old.

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