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Yello Mit

Marvel Heroes 2015

4 posts in this topic

So this is a good surprise in my opinion of recent MMO games. The initial launch was average at best, but after a lot of fixes, it "re-launched" and it is going very strong. I quite enjoy the game (although lack of end game content is minimal, but they're making more).

The community at large is quite friendly and social, and David Brevik himself puts in A LOT of time and effort to make everyone as happy as possible. It is F2P, but does have micro-transactions.... But unlike most other F2P games, the stuff you can buy is obtainable in the game without having to grind to the point where you are like "it isn't worth it". Maybe that is just me.

What are your thoughts on the game? Love it? Hate it?

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Hello, I actually like the game. The improvements they made since beta are a welcome treat. The most gamebreaking problem I had with the game is either I was getting 5 fps for like 20 seconds every other minute. Or the game would just crash, constantly. I crashed about 4-6 times an hour.

Now the game is great. There is definitely room for improvement. But the game is running better. Their are more than enough characters to enjoy. Lots of events that constantly goes on. And many updates and changes to bring characters new quality of life tweaks. Also the community is not bad, as it could be much worse. The devs play with the players every now and again. And the ability to play on the test server to test content before its released. MH's has shaped up to be a pretty good game, if you are into arpgs.

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Hi everyone. I agree with you and have to say that even that this game is completely f2p it have updates almost every week. Wich is awesome. Also you can play through entire game without spending 1$. there is no"payment walls". Developers makes a stream almost every month and yeah. Mr Brevik. the guy who CREATED Diablo 2!! is created this game. Im playing marvel heroes constantly and enjoying hell out of it. this is actually the most free to play game i ever seen so far.plus there is lots of stuff for giveaway at holidays and from time to time also. I am tottally recomends this game to try for everyone. and sorry for my english ^_^

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It's a good game, I have a few 60's and enjoy the raids. Dr. Doom is still op as hell.

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