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No one seems to have posted a topic about this one yet so FOOK IT!



Hellblade is a third person Hack and Slash coming for PS4 and PC.  Even though it's early days and the game itself is WAY pre alpha this is something that I am pretty exited about.  Not least because it's being produced totally independently by Ninja Theory, the same guys behind DMC: Devil May Cry and Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.


But the most relevant thing and what get my juices going for it is that this company also developed the BAFTA Nominated Heavenly Sword, an early PS3 exclusive which I really enjoyed.  This game at least in concept seems to be pretty similar with it's fantastical art design, skill based combat and a strong female protagonist.



It's early stages but I am already Loving the art design, It's like Nordic Culture meets Lord of The Rings.  As for gameplay I'm hoping for something similar to Heavenly Sword but with more re-playability and gameplay value.


So what's your take on this?  Will it be something worthwhile or just another pretty dud? Let your thoughts known Below. 

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If this delivers on what it promises (and remember, I said IF) then i've got very high hopes. Video games are getting very expensive to make and most companies are getting around this buy charging as much as they possibly can for the final product, these guys are trying to be smart with less resources and I appreciate that.

If this game in the end is as good as Heavenly Sword then I'm sold.

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If the people who made DMC are on it I know that the gameplay will be great. That is what made DMC worth it.(The new DMC)

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Give me game play and I will have a better understanding on what this will be. Feels similar to Heavenly Sword aesthetically but we will see. 

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