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Undderrated games

35 posts in this topic

Spec ops: the line

Asura's wrath


Mount and blade:warband

Ryse: son of rome

The Metro games

Star Wars: Empire at War and its expansion

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For me, it's Alpha Protocol, the game isn't the best game ever but for some reason, I just love it. It had one hell of a James Bond feeling and the choices were great.

But then again, the game wasn't the best like I said, the graphics aren't great and there is some bugs but if you put it aside, you will have a fun time with it

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With the hype of indie games like shovel knight, divinity original sin, banner saga, and transistor, it's easy to understand how a game like Freedom Planet could be swept under the rug. It's a love letter to the sega genesis and it's so much fun to play. I can only hope this game garner enough attention to warrant them the funds to make a new game.

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The Thing

Metro Series

Spec Ops the Line

Alpha Protocol

State of Decay

Def Jam Fight for NY

I remember playing Def Jam Fight for NY. It was a pretty good game. Very underrated.

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The Eye Divine Cybemancy

Marvel Heroes

Wasteland 2

Contra 3 the Alien Wars

Fallout Tactics

Contra 4 for the DS

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I'm gonna say, Okami. This has to be one of Capcom's last good game before they went onto the PS3/360 systems. Its a real shame we might not see a sequel, outside of the 3ds.

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Every time this topic comes up I will say it.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

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oh yeah, the ps2 3d castlevania games owned... Lords of shadow 1 and 2 just weren't as good IMO, and I hate it when people say that I'm just being biased against 3d, I loved the ps2 ones, and was hoping the ps3 versions would expand on that style, but no.. nononono.. argh.


Lufia and the fortress of doom...1... 2 is considered a classic, and it's a great game for sure. But 1 was even better in several ways. Sure it didn't have as cool an ancient cave, sure it didn't have capsule monsters or a limit break system thing before ff7. But it was a far better game in terms of balance and challenge in its main story. In Lufia 2, there is rarely any difficulty, and then you get to the part where you fight gades with just the 3 men, and he's like 5X more difficult than anything else in the game, and then after that, the game becomes drop dead easy, even at the final dungeon/bosses...in fact, ESPECIALLY at those parts. Your healer can practically fully heal your entire party like 20 times before running out of mp, miracles are common and fully restore your mp (and hp, even if you're dead), your can smack down many bosses in just several turns without being over level, etc. Lufia 1 had none of those issues.


I think I already mentioned Ys in this thread, forgot... if not, Ys... Yeah it's pretty acclaimed and regarded as a good series but... The damn series is older than megaman 1, and it's like zelda on crack, and it doesn't have NEARLY the fame zelda does...it's just wrong! Not that I'm bashing zelda, I love zelda....

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I think the Wargame series are kind of underrated. May be because it is a RTS (RTS is not as popular as before), or people only talk about Starcraft when talk about RTS... Wargame RTS are about conflicts in Cold War era (alternate reality) between NATO and PACT. But all the units are real military units ( and some prototype units) and everything are correct in scale. The games look and sound very nice. Wargame had spawned 3 games (European Escalation, Airland Battles and Red Dragon)

First in series, Wargame: European Escalation (mainly on ground units + helo support)

Second, Wargame: AirLand Battles (aircraft unit addition, also more countries and units)

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