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Regimental Introduction Page

9 posts in this topic

I was personally curious about everybody's past experiences with Mount & Blade and figured this was the best way to find out! Here you can post general info about you related to the game.

Here is my intro which you can use as a template if you desire.

Name & Rank: Cdt. Twinkie

Experience: 4+ Months (November 2014 - Present)

Regiments & Ranks Held:

5th Louisville Legion (5thLL) (Late November 2014 - Late December 2014)

Active Roster Size: 20+

Total Roster Size: 40+

Highest Rank Held: Lieutenant Colonel (LtCol.)

Roles Performed:

  • Second-In-Command
  • Regimental Trainer (1 of 3 Trainers)


3rd Kentucky Infantry (3rdKY) (Late December 2014 - Present)

Active Roster Size: 25+

Total Roster Size: 45+

Highest Rank Held: Sergeant (Sgt.)

Roles Performed:

  • Provost Marshal Adjutant - Second-In-Command of the Office of the Provost Marshal (OPM). A collection of officers selected to carry out the enforcement of rules detailed in a constitution designed to allow a secure environment to excel in M&B events. The OPM chain of command involved the Provost Marshal, the PM Adjutant and C.I.D. Supervisor, and four C.I.D. Investigators. While the C.I.D. Supervisor manages all four investigators, all members (below PM) answer to the PM Adjutant, who made sure all proceedings followed protocol.
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Name & Rank: Col. Crazykidsbite
Experience: 1+ year

Regiments & Ranks held:

    1. 1st MEF

  • 1st Marine Expeditionary Force
  • Active Roster Size: 35+
  • Total Roster: 50
  • Highest Rank Held: Private 1st Class (PFC)

    2. 1st RGJ

  • 1st Royal Green Jackets
  • Active Roster Size: 50+
  • Total Roster: 100
  • Highest Rank Held: Sergeant (Sgt.)

    3. 47th HR

  • 47th Highlander Rifles
  • Active Roster Size: 35+
  • Total Roster: 40+
  • Highest Rank Held: Captain (Cpt.)
  • Roles: In charge of the rifles company, with 15 players in my company.

    4. KPR

  • Kings Prussian Rifles
  • Active Roster Size: 20+
  • Total Roster: 20+
  • No Rank Roles in KPR.

 This is all my experience gathered over the year of playing with this regiments, I was never kicked out of a regiment they were either disbanded or I left on my own accord due to my disagreement of leadership.   

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I helped develop the 5thLL from its creation and helped lead it until I saw an opportunity to advance my leadership skills in the 3rdKY. For the curious, I believe the 5thLL now operates under a different name though I can't remember their new tags :P

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Ive been in 3 regiments soo far....soon 4

Experience: 2 Year +

1- AJSA NW Regiment (Founded January 20th 2015 - Disbanded March 2015)

- Active Roster Size:7-8+

- Total Roster 25+

- Highest Rank Held: Sergeant (Sgt.) (Promoted to a Sgt in the AJSA by that time)

- Roles: I dont remember!

2 - Nr.52 Regiment (AJSA Competitive Reg) (Founded March 2015 - Disbanded 31st August 2015)

- Active Roster Size: About 10+

- Total Roster: 30+

- Highest Rank Held:Corporal (Cpl.) Prussian Version: StabsUnterOffizier (StUffz)

3 - 104th Regiment of Foot  (Currently In)

- Active Roster Size: 50+

- Total Roster: 200+

- Highest Rank Held: 2nd Lieutenant (2ndLt) EDIT!


4. 74th "Cambell Highlanders"

- Active Roster: 75

- Total Roster 150+

- Highest Rank Held : Serjeant (Sjt.)

Role: Second in Command of the Rifle Company (Im Aka Richard Sharpe)




Future Fourth Regiment: War of Rights AJSA (In construction)

Rank Held: Col or LtCol (Will Depend on how things go.)

Role: Founding the Reg and vice versa...

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Hey there and welcome, sorry but we don't allow personal non-game related advertisements. I am going to edit out your link, no harm no foul unless the link has been deemed pc harmful.

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Updated some info about the regiments i have been. Look Above.

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I have about 3-4 Years experience

I've been in 4 regiments long-term:


Freikorps (Cavalry)

Total Roster: (At the time) 20+

Highest Rank: Corporal


52nd Highlanders

Total Roster: (At the time) 35+

Highest Rank: Corporal


80th Kurhessian Fusiliers (Which I ran)

Total Roster: (At it's peak) 28

Highest Rank: Colonel


1st Marine Expeditionary Force

Total Roster: (At the time) 35-40+

Highest Rank: Second Lieutenant


And 3 short-term:



1st RGJ







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