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Heros & Generals

8 posts in this topic

Hero & Generals is a free to play FPS game that i would like to nomminate for unofficial/official games. We already have a strong player base and several dedicated players including myself who are commited to seeing this game succeed and thrive. I already have a POC as well as a commader wildfox99 who is officaly supporting me as well as other officers who are interested in seeing this game succeed.


Current players:







and more



free to play; no pay wall

easy to pick up

large varity of weapons

team based

class based

mix of tactical and strategic gameplay

nammable weapons


modifiable weapons

player/weapon skins

good character models

three way battles



avrage graphics

somewhat grindy

limited vehicle selections for certain classes

microtransations are kinda expensive

limited number of maps

some balance issues

some matches can be one sided

browser plugin as front end


adenndum: this game is still in beta and many of these points are subject to change.

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I am Dan and I approve this message


It should be mentioned that this is an FPS.

wildfox99 likes this

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Left out the con of having no way to easily organize large guilds in game, and the pro of not being pay to win at all.

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This game seems fairly fun I would probably play it if my game would stop "loading" then mysteriously "lost connection to server".

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the server  was down dew to a bug were as if one of the groups wins in the first day it wont reset and will crash 

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Sounds good, tigerjack. I will be in teamspeak this evening from 5:30pm - 9pm CST. Come chat with me if I do not seek you out first. If you can't make it on sometime throughout the week, let me know a good time on the weekend. I can be on most times on the weekend, I will just need to know when so I can try to be on at that time.

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Teamspeak channel is up and running. Tigerjack is your leader for heroes and generals. If you need anything or wish to help out, please contact him. I will leave this thread open for a few more days just in case there are any questions or comments that need to be address. 


Good luck guys :D

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Closing thread since there have been no further questions.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.