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PS3 Heist Members for Hire

4 posts in this topic


This is a call out to the entire crew of the The AJS Army PS3, you’re ready. “For what?” you may ask. Simple, you’re ready for opportunities. To take scores that can pay you. This is no simple drug run for Gerald, or a hit from Martin. No these scores are bigger than those clowns. A score that’ll take more than some lone wolf. You’re gonna need a team, and where better to look but right here. Now it’s up to you, I say you’re ready to take a score. Prove me right.


This thread is to help organize our crew members for hire. I know Los Santos can be a bit daunting to the normal lower ranks. You might feel a bit shy to speak up or to take a job. It’s okay we’ve all been there. We've all been that person at the bar looking at another person. Can’t build up the courage to even say “Hello." Even if you do, you just lock up and sound so weird. Than they just laugh at how dumb you look. Where was I? Oh yes crew members for hire. Here are a few things below you should probably list so people can get an idea of what kinda crew member you’re.
Heist Member For Hire Resume


  • PSN ID
  • Mastermind or Grunt
  • Your best talent (driving, shooting, flying, etc.)
  • Why you think you’d be a benefit on the score.


See how easy was that, you got your crew all ready. You all look pretty confident, but don’t get too cocky kids. Just because you guys think you can shoot a gun pretty well, doesn’t make you special. I’m told kids on some game called 'Righteous Slaughter 7' can do it way better than you, and f#ck your mom while doing so. But, what does make you special? Respect and teamwork.


Once you've done all this, and you score your big score. Celebrate, enjoy and bask in the glory of Victory. Hell why not go spend it up, make it rain or so they say. Why not share your winnings and brag how much of a “Badass!” you guys are. So that the Cops of Los Santos can see it later on the internet, come knocking on your door, and arrest you. Because you were that stupid to post it on 'Life Invader'… Nonetheless that’s celebrating am I right!
All GIF's were made from footage of a Heist crew formed by members of the Angry Grand Theft Army. Members are: WITHASTICK, Recon_avwf, JAT1351, and X_Kamikaze_Doll.

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I am skilled at driving and shooting, but NEVER put me as a pilot.

I will be a benefit to the score because I am dedicated, skilled, and patient.

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skills: Shooting, Driving, flying(but not good with the targeting on aircraft)

I do what needs to be done; i work smart not hard

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