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10 posts in this topic

So JRPGs have been around for along time, ever since the NES days as far as I know, such as Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, (or Dragon Warrior on NES) and for those that play them what's your favorite, and those that are reading this, the kind of JRPGs I'm talking about are the turn-based combat ones such as Final Fantasy.

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  • Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu

  • Valkryia Chronicles

Final Fantasy IX

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What was the one called with the Espers? A google suggests it's FF6 (the epic one with Kefka, one of the best) I played this maaaaany years ago on an emulator so I'm not sure if this is the one I'm thinking of or not. Did you get Esper stones or something? I remember they were items that you equipped to each character and as they gained exp. they would also learn the spells (summons?) of the attached esper. MY firend and I spent forever on our respective games grinding away to create a team of fully powered legends! 


Other notable titles I remember include Chrono Trigger and Golden Sun so I guess I enjoyed them too given I remember the names. However I remember nothing about them at all so they can't have been that amazing I guess... I had a hard time accepting the change to 3D in Final Fantasy, felt like the end of an era to me so haven't played the later ones really... 

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I'm a bit more into the Tales series now but like the others i enjoy the ever popular ones like chrono trigger, Xenogears, Valkyrie Profile and Final fantasy.

And also Parasite Eve; StarOcean; Lunar Silver Star Story; Breath of Fire; Terranigma; and illusions of gaia

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Chrono Trigger


im gonna have to agree here

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For specifically turn based jrps. 

  • Chrono Trigger
  • FF6
  • FF4
  • FF7
  • FF9
  • I remember Lufia 2 being good
  • The golden sun series on GBA
  • The Breath of Fire series was good (not the last one), the first game had a real weird difficulty curve in the beginning and the others felt similar but not as harsh
  • Lunar Silver Star Story, fantastic
  • Grandia 1 + 2 sadly the ports of 2 suffered from horrid loading times vs the Dreamcast version, they may stray into the action side of things like the Tales series, cant remember
  • EARTHBOUND!!!  how could I forget you!
  • Bravely Default is pretty good on the 3DS

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Ooh does DragonQuest count? Number 8 I think. Borrowed it for the PS2 from my local library and quickly bought my own copy! Still not finished it though as I got stuck at a boring grinding point last year and haven't had the conviction to push through it...


What about Phantasy Star? I'm pretty sure that's what it's called... That was a JRPG wasn't it? I used to see it all over the place but never played it. In fact, I think the first time I saw it was in the library when I rented DQVIII! Never played it thouigh so could be wrong :P

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I hate singling out favorites of something I love to the point where I have dozens that are joy to me.


As a sub-10 kid the only one I really liked was the original Final fantasy. I tried some dragon warrior but coudln't get into it as much, as well as ultima...but that was the NES version, maybe I would have liked the pc ones.


When I got a SNES it was the golden age of great RPGs for me, Finalfantasy 2 (now 4) is my fave ff game, even now, 3/6 wasn't as good to me though it's still good, and I just don't like 7 much at all. I got chrono trigger when it was new, and it was great too but tbh, I spent more hours enjoying ff 2/4 again. Robotrek was really unique and fun though. Ogre battle is more strategy than RPG but back then games with any rpg elements at all were rare so it was pretty RPGish too. Secret of mana probably wins for most hours played though. I loved the music, the gameplay style was unique back then (not turn based though sorry)...yeah. I also loved the lufia series (both 1 and 2, not just 2), and countless other SNES rpgs... SNES is IMO the golden child of JRPG heaven.



I managed to get a sega CD eventually though, and was blessed with playing Lunar: the silver star, and Eternal blue on the sega CD, before it became widely known for the playstation remakes... HOLY FUCK was that game ahead of its time. What's scary is that some elements of the SegaCD version are actually BETTER than the playstation remake too! Some of the music is better for one, and yes better in an objective sense, not a personal taste sense. Better because it had more channels or something for sound, some tracks clearly have entire instruments in some songs just cut out and not replaced at all in the ps1 version, the segacd version was just richer and more developed.


It had a BIT less content, but most of the story was there, for example the only things that come to mind that the sega CD version lacks are the 2 'other' vile tribe sisters. Zenobia was in it, but the other 2 were not. I think the 'secret garden' area late game was expanded a bit in the ps1 version too, meh.


Eternal blue also had advantages on the segaCD. The magic experience system for one. Enemies granted gold, exp and mexp, mexp was accumulated for the entire party, and you could 'spend' it to upgrade each character's spells and learn new ones as you see fit. could spend them all on one character, or spread them out, and you had different spell schools per character. Like ramus you could develop only his gambling spells and neglect his healing spells (who would though), and vice versa. Some of the spells chools were developed by level alone though, like hiro's sword ones with poe sword, dark sword, uhh. forgot the other two. Poe sword was the only one you ever needed pretty much though lol.


Anyway... Sega also had phantasy star yes. I never played 1 or 3 but I played 2 and 4. 4 is great but it's way too easy late game (not early game though!). 2 is a great game too but it's not as well aged, with a bit of a clunky UI. It had absolutely GRUELING dungeons though that would make macho dark-souls fanboys run away screaming in horror though. Seriously. Though I suppose they might not know it cuz they'll play it with gamefaqs maps now or something, which wasn't an option back then.


Final Fantasy legends 2 on the gameboy is also really fun in a hard way, that arsenal boss at the end is one of the hardest final bosses in many games I know provided you didn't cheese it with the 7 sword or something... or use op monster breeding strategies given again via faq or something.


the new Gameboys also have some nice gems like the first 2 golden sun games, The Etrian Odyssey series, and something else I've forgotten. doh.


I want to make special mention of Genius of sappheiros and labyrinth of touhou though. Those 2 games are the absolute best balanced turn based jrpgs for combat I know. Don't play them if you want an easy game with a deep story though. They're meant to challenge you with their turn based battle systems, and if you ever beat the final boss in genius of sappheiros, you will feel damned accomplished trust me. Labyrinth of touhou can too but leveling up in that game can power you up quite a bit so you can cheat the accomplishment by being overlevel (and many noobs qq the game requires too much grinding, when in fact you can complete the entire game without grinding at ALL until the final boss, at which point you only need to grind for like 1 hour...I know this because I've DONE it). You can overlevel in genius too but leveling in that game isn't really THAT potent.

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