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My Name is Zach. I'm Interesting.

2 posts in this topic

Hi. I'm Zach, I'm from Southern California, where there is no weather.

I am a movie guy and a gamer.

I have a great sense of humor. I bet that made you laugh. Or maybe not. But that probably did.

I love you.

I'm an Xbox gamer because its easy. PC gaming used to be my thang but I'd have to keep upgrading and it got too complex for me.

And generally, Xbox has better exclusives. But that seems to be changing lately, so I don't know anymore. I do know that Playstation controllers make me projectile vomit. But no hate, I used to love Playstation. 

Party tricks: I can flip my eyelids inside out. It's pretty scary.

Am I boring you? I'm new to this.

So yeah, be my friend, hit me up, glad to be here. Add me on xbox if you're a cool person, I like cool people. Currently not affiliated with any particular L337 Qu1ck5c0p1ng Kl4nZzzz and I don't like CoD. Unless I'm screwing around.

I am a very experienced and seasoned gamer and have very important and respectable opinions that you should listen to because I'm cool. I'm also very sarcastic some times.

I give free virtual hugs and will headshot all your mean bullies. Have a nice day.


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This was a very interesting Introduction.

Welcome to the AJSA!

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