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Gaming Glasses - any good?

7 posts in this topic

Will try to keep this short as on a very low battery tablet! Am curious as to whether anyone here has ever come across gaming glasses before. I often spend more than half a given day staring at screens for work and play and I just became curious today as to whether something existed to make this less stressful (and potentially damaging) on my eyes.

Turns out yes there is! Gaming glasses!

Apparently they help cut the 'blue light' from tvs, monitors, phones and all sorts. I found two companies in particular which I've linked below and am interested to know if anyone has come across these before. If they actually do what they say they do I'd certainly consider buying a pair so check out these websites and see what you think and please share any opinions or experiences you may have!



Gunnar Optiks


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Just yesterday I tried a pair of Gunnar gaming glasses, they really help to alleviate tthe strain of the eyes when playing. My only gripe was everything looked a tone of yellow but it was worth it, my eyes thanked me for it. They're pretty good.

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Just use this https://justgetflux.com/ It is free and you don't need to wear glasses. Really helps with eye strain.

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If you find yourself in need of alleviating the strain on your eyes, then there is software that slowly alters the color scheme to your monitor. It is also free compared to the pricey gaming glasses.

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Most eye strain can be resolved by using your phone's camera and seeing if there's black "fuzzy" bars running across your screen.


It's fixed by simply turning the brightness to 100%.


Had this happen to me when switch to a LED backlit LCD. ....thought I might have to give up my favorite hobby and career; the headaches were so bad

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I've been running f.lux for a few days now and while I don't notice it much in the day time I certainly do at night when the natural light has gone. The contrast between my monitor screens and the relatively poorly lit room I'm in is far less severe than it was and it's helping an awful lot. I'm actually finding that now in the evenings I get physically tired rather than just having 'tired eyes'.


Hopefully this will be a free solution to my issues, will update as necessary :P Thanks for the suggestion trooper, so far so good!

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Seems like I found Someone faced the same Problem like mine. I am also having this Issue Currently. I am a Web Designer and a Game Tester, I test Games for Small Companies. Because of that I play long Hours of Continuous Video Game Let Say 3-4 Hours a day. 

I Did try to ask the same company for whom I am Testing the Games. They suggested the Gaming Glasses Source https://www.glinkster.com/best-gaming-glasses/  ( Gunner ) . But Now I have a Confusion that I am already wearing My NORMAL GLASSES So If I wear Gaming Glasses will they affect my eye Sight and cause harm on my eyes. 

DO I have to Consult Doctor? Any Advice is Welcome. Thanks in Advance.

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