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[March 25,2015] AJSA returning to Tamriel! Important info inside...

1 post in this topic

         Welcome AJSA members to an endeavor in retaking the fight to Tamriel! 


Elder Scrolls Online has recently become a buy to play (b2p) game and as such no longer has a subscription fee! (Yay!)


    Bast_50 plays with the AJSA in ESO on his stream at different times throughout the week so please check him out and if you like his content follow him as well. 



I am restructuring the guild at this time to allow for new and returning players to jump in smoothly so everyone can have a great time.

As far as ranks go I will be addressing that likely this weekend after I have finished reorganizing the guild and forums.

I will be going through the forum topics and posts for ESO and deleting irrelevant posts as well as merging duplicates if necessary.


            Most importantly, with many new and returning players coming, please help anyone in need so that we have more brothers and sisters in arms to have a great time with.


At this time I am a staying as the guild leader till I bring ESO back to official support. As such I will be watching any promising members who show initiative and also help others. That means I will also be watching for untoward conduct. 


www.G2A.com is a website that resellers sell games at a discounted price due to various reasons.

At this time I am typing the post ESO is roughly selling for 35$ USD on G2A.

So if the price was what was stopping you from invading Tamriel here is your answer!


This post will be updated at irregular intervals so when it is edited I will amend the date in the title.


Feel free to contact me by PM if there are any questions.

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