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Any good Xcom stories to share?

3 posts in this topic

I do, After downloading OpenXcom, a mod for Xcom: UFO Defence which updates the load times, speeds up things like animations and things like that, I looked though the OpenXcom page to find that it lets you mod the game, from adding more Aliens, Total Conversions (I have only seen one, a pirate based one) So after downloading 3 new Alien types, with their terror units included, I got more weapons, Like a Flamerthower, a shot gun, Gauss weaponry (I think its the same from TFTD but I am not sure) More Lazor and Plasma Weapons, Like Snipers and a Dart Gun, Which can knock out a Alien from a distance, also got a Armor mod, which gives you a Early game Armor. But the best one of all, Realistic sight, no more 20 Space sight, So much easier to spot Ships and Aliens and this is a story on how this made the game awesome

So after a SnakemanxChrissilid Terror Mission went bad, with most if not all Civs Turned into Chrissilds or Zombies, My Team was not only Surround and outnumber, but separated and the 2 guys I had at my Skyranger killed by Snakemen, I made them fall back to the nearest buildings, since The Skyranger was out, the fought most of the Chrissilids off, most of them still went for the remaining civs, in the time, I got my guys on top of two different Buildings, about 1 guy in each group had a Flamethower, so I sent the Stairs leading up on fire to hold the Chrissilids off abit, What I did like though is that thanks to The Realilistic sight mod, I could see the Aliens on on the ground, so I made my guys take shots at them, resulting in a Victory a few turns later

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My stories may not be any "good", but I think that these are experiences that we can all relate to.


Any time you send a operative ahead to scout a location out only to have them run into the midst of a group of X-rays is always a fun thing. Because panic sets in immediately afterwards and the mad rush to save your scout just makes for a great mission. I have a faint memory of sending an operative to scout the inside of a downed UFO, only to run into a group of Mutons. So to save them, I used a Heavy to blast through the hull of the ship and have the rest of the squad rush in and bust stuff up.

On another mission when a Muton Elite used intimidation, my Assault operative panicked and shot my Support operative in the face at close range with a shotgun. The face-palm was hard.


The icing on the cake is when one of your operatives is about to be killed by an X-ray and you use the entire squad to try and kill it only for all of them to miss and the operative dies as a result. Seriously, a miss on a 99% chance hit with a sniper rifle and scope attached? What are the odds of that?


I'm sure I'll have "good" ones to share in the future.


NOTE: These stories and experiences are from my playthroughs on the Xbox 360 version of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Which probably means that my post doesn't really apply to this particular thread. But if they were on PC, then I'm sure that they would've been pretty much the same.

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