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Verdun (Updated Description)

7 posts in this topic

So Verdun how much i can say about it as i did in the other thread i made up in the FPS Section.

This one caught my attention dead on and i couldn't let this one pass away as i love trench battles so much and this game make no mistake at remaking it! 

Im willing to lead it because of my knowledge of the era this game is taking place and that this is the kind of game that get me in for soo long that it get addicting!

So who will play it? Some Peoples will need to buy it first but its only 25$ or less on Steam and even cheaper on G2A.com

QwiK_M40a3 (Leader)


General Bravo


Commander Beef

Others Along the Way :)

​Pros And Cons: This May slightly change cause its in Early Acces but soon fully release! 

honest pros:

- No microtransaction

- Active Devs on forums this mean they care!

​- Realism Atmosphere and soo much tension. Yet it not Boring and addicting

- The Player Balance System has a unique approach

- Sharp Texture

- Teamwork feel actually very rewarding, crucial at time 

- The Weapons are mostly 1 hit kill (only rifle) The Complete Arsenal of Weaponry of WW1! The Gun Play is near excellent! And is hard at the beginning to aim but you will get used to it!

- Solid and Stable Early Access Game but the full game is set to be release on April 28

- Interesting Carrer and Squad Unlock System & Not too grindy

- The Trench Game Mode is at its best and quite simple : Attack or Defend this may seem boring at first but the ways its made is when you have attack the game force you to do it unless you are a sniper. When you have to Defend you have to stay in your trenches so no ramboing otherwise executed!

- The Squad Leader has currently only 3 abilities: Radar , Order to Attack or Defend certain battlefield positions and get rewarded if doing so and Gaz Strike and Artillery 

- The Introduction of Gaz Warfare is huge here as you have to put on your gaz mask everytime there is. The FoV Is Very Restrictive when putting it on.

- You get to play as Frenchy, Germans,Prussians,Brittishs,Canadians,Italians units and other future units added into updates! Its Allies & Axis basically 

Honests Cons:

-The Game has a very steep learning curve and can be hard and raging in the beginning. When I start out i suck so bad but overtime i got soo much better, this game is also exceptionally punishing you for the stupid mistakes you could do. So think of it before making the moves. Because of the 1 hit kill rifles!

- Funniest Death Animations you could get here if you keep jumping or running to covers.

- Poor Variety of Characters Models but you could see the difference between Squad Leader and normal soldiers

For Events wise there is a possibility as the game already have an private match option and we can currently support 32 players in the same battle, the good thing is that the devs will be making even bigger maps to hold up to 64 players! That is after the game fully released! The Events will be mostly Casual and sometime competitive to see how good we are against other clans! The Events will be taking place on Saturdays, the hours will be 1:00 pm Est to 3:00 pm this will be for the initial event to see how many gonna come.

The Game also support the system of clan which will be implemented in future update,for now you can still set your tags to [AJSA] in the main menu without having changing your steam name!

As a community this is the kind of game to play all together at least once and maybe till it last as it will make the game life much longer and much more enjoyable to play and aswell be the biggest clan in the game so we can show our mark to everyone else!. I heavily recommend this game to be supported. Make This Happen plz :) We will not regret this! As of right now it will be a community game and later unofficial game if it received enough good feedback and activity.

Overall i think the game will be even better when its gonna fully release and its worth every penny of it purchase price. Soo for the AJSA i wanna see where this can go because it has the potiential! Thanks for Reading! Last thing i need is someone to back me up and to help,someone willing to keep playing the game, it does not need to be only one, TY!


Edited by QwiK_M40a3
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Looked the game up and it looks very interresting!

Might pick it up sometime.

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seems interesting. Its in early access, hows the bugs, glitches in the game?

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seems interesting. Its in early access, hows the bugs, glitches in the game?

There not much right now but they are pretty minor.  Ive not seen much myself but it does not ruin the experience at all. Hopefully the next patches will fix those tiny holes that keep it from making this a perfect game!

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Had a quick chat with qwik in teamspeak. You guys now have a community games channel, feel free to utilize it. Qwik will be planning events from you guys in the near future and we will see how things go from here on out. If you would like to play the game or help out, reach out to qwik.


I will leave this post open for a few more days just in case there are any questions or comments to be made.

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Closing this thread and moving it to completed. Please contact qwik if you wish to play with or assist him in running verdun.

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