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Need a community opinion

6 posts in this topic

Hello everyone,

So I've decided to pick on the challenging games and my choice is totally depends on your feedback here:

Dark Souls 2 SotFS

Lords of the Fallen


Which of this 3 deserves more attention than the others. Lets pick top 3 KPI's for this titles 1) Combat complexity; 2) Rewarding(loot etc.) 3) Most fascinating atmosphere.

Waiting for your replies :)

My wife will be out of town with my kid for a week(I love them but still YAY!!!) so I will have some quality game time.

Thank you in advance,


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You do know that Bloodborne is a PS4 exclusive, right?

Yup. Really this didn't help :)))

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Well I recommend Dark Souls 2 if you have the time. I am in college and in my spare time I play this game. First, the combat is rewarding and some how makes it hard to hate the game. What I mean by this is that enemies have hints of their attack and other things like that, the game prides itself on making you learn enemy moves and after this style of play klicks you won't want to stop playing. Second I that the loot drops are great (besides a spoon and rags that you can use as troll weapons) as they give two options, you can be a glass cannon light armor or the berserker heavy armor (you still die fast but can survive a most hits) and you can get the worst of both and get medium armor! I won't attempt to explain the weapon combat other than Ultra Great swords are boss and that you should have ultras as you main weapon (unless your a high faith cleric or mage, go get a dagger or summon a sword). Third and my favorite is level design and lore. While not as good in level design as the first it still is on the same level as dark souls l. The lore and the level design go hand in hand and tell the plot you should understand; everything and everyone has fallen into ruin and you have to purge them all. The tone gets noticeably more bleak as the levels and bosses progress but I would ruin the lore so I won't tell.

In summary you should get Dark Souls II sortfs thought Bloodborn was made by the creators and has better level design so you should look into it.

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I should also note having played Lords of the Fallen that the story does not make sense as your character is a prisoner set free in the hopes you can save a kingdom from fire skeleton knight warriors which is awesome but you can tell they ran out of funding midway through the game....texture problems and reused levels for bosses...not great.

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