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Why Mortal Kombat X's Kombat Pack DLC is a very bad deal

5 posts in this topic

First off, I think Mortal Kombat X looks very cool and is probably a quality game. But let's talk about the DLC.


So we have the base game at $50, which has 25 (I think?) fully playable characters.

Let's be kind and say that 75% of the game's worth of content is its characters, and that Story Mode, Tower, Krypt etc. are only 25% of the game's value. Also let's pretend the Kombat Pack DLC offers full access to the characters and that they aren't already partially playable already within certain games modes.


This means the value of a Mortal Kombat character is $1.5.


The Kombat Pack contains 4 characters. Following above logic, the value of the pack DLC at around $6. Let's say we want to earn a bit extra money, that there's some skins included in the pack, that $10 is a cooler number and a couple of equally good excuses of your choice. Okay, $10 may sound a little expensive for the provided content, but still worth it if you're really into those special characters and are a fan of Mortal Kombat.


The Kombat Pack DLC's current price is $30. You can get quality full games for less.

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Yeah, I'm sorta getting an EA vibe from their current approach with DLC. Don't get me wrong, MKX is a great game (Minus the fact that the damn thing wasn't ported properly to PC), but even the fact that they've decided to sell off easier button combos for fatalities for $5 is questionable. Great game, poor decision-making when it comes to DLC.

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I think the DLC is to get all the xtra stuff (if you can call it that) quicker cause if im not mistaken everything can be earned by playing the game alot and i mean A LOT without paying for the DLC. For that matter i dont think is worth it since i like to play games and earn everything through play time it gives me a sense of accomplishment. I love the feeling of earning the stuff i get it makes me have memories of the time i got that character and how much i had to do to get it. Im a gamer by heart.

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Like a lot of DLC its a test of your impulse control. Some people just have to have it all, now! Some people are incapable of delayed gratification. I don't see a problem. If you simply can't be bothered to actually earn things in game then by all means buy whatever you want. It's your money. A fool and his money and all that.

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I'd never buy any of this MK dlc, and I rarely buy dlc in general...but I really think people should quit acting like superior snobs towards those that do. 


videogames are IMO the absolute most cost-effective piece of entertainment there is. The amount of hours of entertainment provided by a game in proportion to its cost is an absolute steal compared to clubbing, ski/snowboarding, movies, eating out, collecting stuff, whatever. I see MOST DLC that does not attract me at all as a way for game devs (who actually work long effing hours without overtime pay and actually have tons of stress...their divorce rate is #1 simply because they work so much and spend so little time at home) to get some extra bucks for people who have the money to afford more expensive hobbies but simply CHOOSE games (I can't afford much else, but if I could, I'd still choose games, but whatever).


Now I'm no fool. I'm aware that the devs working their asses off during crunch time aren't getting all the dlc pay... chances are the producers and sponsers and god knows who else who did virtually nothing gets much, if not most of it....This is bad I agree. But nobody complains about that...they complain about the value of dlc. Now I'm not a professional restaurant chef, but I did pass food safety, and I do know how to make a tasty chow or drink. And it boggles my mind that a couple can spend nearly 100 bucks on a 'fancy' dinner that really costs all of 20-30 bucks and less than an hour's work on the cook's part without objection. but an extra 10-20 bucks for dlc which DID take dozens of people days to develop?! BLASPHEMY....


I'm not trying to be a white knight here. I truly believe that paying that much money for little content that goes to producers and owners is not good value, and doesn't help much. But I really think people under-appreciate how much work goes into making an actual game, and I rarely see people segregate devs who actually work on the material from producers and sponsors when they make OPTIONAL DLC available for something people wouldn't bat an eye at spending for a couple coffees from a cafe...The problem isn't that DLC isn't overpriced...it's that games frankly are really fucking cheap for what they offer (half-decent ones anyway). It's hard to justify buying dlc when there are other games to buy when they are priced so competitively I agree, but the 'problem' is really that people are used to something that's simply ridiculously good.


Hell, even when I was a kid and the SNES was new.. a new squaresoft game like ff 2/3, chrono trigger, secret of mana... they were  70-90 bucks, and I STILL feel like they were worth their price. Now days 60 bucks is considered expensive, after over a decade, when everything else more than doubled in inflation (execpt fragrance, which is about the same oddly enough =P)

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