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MISC Hull series consept sale

10 posts in this topic

so yea earlyer this week I was going thew the CIG forums and saw that we will getting the MISC Hull series consept sale fore thows that dont know anything about the hull series ships hears the rundown

the misc hull series is a series of cargo ships ranging in size the hull A being the smallest and the hull E being the largest so if cargo holling is what your looking to do you might want to check out this sale this frieday if you like some more info hears the link to the forum post it even has the pricing of the ships now it dosint say if its the stand alone ship price or the packiged price but all will be reveled this friday


persanaly Im thinking of melting down my connie to go twords the hull C its curent cargo capasaty listed on the site is arounf 9K units putting it over 8X the capasaty of my connie thow thats liable to chage and in fact I can see it getting more as the hull c is also listed as being over 200M long 


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If one melts their Reclaimer, they could get the Hull A, B and C from store credits.


I imagine that the problem with Hull C, D and E is that they're just smugglers cargo haulers, so they won't be bristling with guns and they're going to be slower than the Hull A and B... and maybe a turret with point-defense systems.  So you need protection if you have precious cargo.


Based on current speculation:

Hull A - Aurora sized

Hull B - Freelancer/Constellation-sized, but slower, with less armaments

Hull C - Starfarer/Banu MM-sized, also slower

Hull D and E - Huge... There's also speculation that the Hull D or E might have a military transport and deployment variant.

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I have a connie but not sure about the hull. I'll wait until friday and get the details. I imagine they'll just be a big truck and will always need an escort. 


I might just wait until the full game before I buy any more! 

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Ended up getting a Hull A, B and C. Likely just keep the B or C and CCU the others later.

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I went with the B because of 3 things:

1) Possible solo play, C or higher seems like it will mostly likely need team play or it will be blown up by pirates for sure.

2) Starting off I highly doubt any player will even have enough credits to fill up the stock/crates to even fill up C+ (as E's cargo is said to cost even more then the ship itself)

3) Wanted to earn my way up!

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I may have picked up the Hull C for personal use and the Hull E for the AJSA armada :P

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