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Apex Spartan

A big issue on Twitch TV

7 posts in this topic

Alright so I spend a decent amount of time on Twitch to watch some of my favorite streamers like Imaqtpie, gosu, WingsofDeath, Voyboy, etc...people who play really well, are fun to watch, teach you a lot about the game, make plays and so on. They needed to put a lot of time into the game and then to start streaming so they can actually show some SKILL while playing. It's hard work to get popular like that.

At the same time, people like Imaqtpie manage to entertain and make people laugh at the same time. Now they are bigger streamers but there are also many smaller streamers now who are trying to get up on the front page of Twitch...but instead of them, I find this...




Now I'm not judging people like this but I'm pissed to see that they put such click bait titles to attract horny kids. I watched her stream for a while and she plays solid, nothing special. If this was some guy or a girl who didn't have big tits, TRUST ME, he/she wouldn't be at 700 views.


This really dissapoints me. I've seen lots of great League players who stream but can't get views because it's so hard nowadays but then come people like this, pull out their breasts and put a click bait title and attract hunders within hours. I don't wanna write down the names of several streamers like that which I've seen but there are a lot of them. Sad to say, most of them don't know SHIT about the game but get lots of views and money.


I don't care if you are female streamer. If you have big boobs, hide them and don't put click bait titles. Also make sure you PLAY well and that people watch you for your gameplay, NOT your boobs. Twitch is a streaming service for games, not a live streaming porn site.


It's not too hard to put your cam up in your face and not your boobs...


This issue also caught Sky's eye:



Also look at Imaqtipie. If you watch some of his interviews from before, people would be really mean.

"omg his teeth looked so fucked up"

"he looks like a girl"

"how the hell did this guy get a girlfriend"


And today he is one of the most viewed and popular daily League of legends streamers on Youtube. About 20-30 thousand people watch him daily almost. Why? It's because he plays really good and is SUPER entertaining. He just makes people laugh. He streams every day from 7am till like 5pm. He puts tons of effort into this making him one of the most viewed LoL streamers.



People need to realize that people like Sky who share same view as me don't have a problem with female streamers but problems with female streamers who stream "boob cams" and put click bait titles. I see more and more streams like this and it's really pissing me off.


I know a female streamer who looks really attractive and you might say "she is attracting with boobs and body" but in truth she is entertaining and plays really well. Also she tries to cover up her breasts as best as possible so she doesn't get negative attention.


And just like Sky said, we watch Bjegersen play League because of his gameplay and skill, not his body. Same should be done for those female streamers who use their bodies to get views. I don't find this as an issue that needs to be dealt with, but it's just sad seeing this.


What do you think about this?


PS I put it in LoL section now since I'm mostly watching and talking about most LoL streamers I saw. Might move the thread tho

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I agree whole-heartily with you mate. The focus of a stream should be on the game-play and/or personality of the streamer, not their looks.

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I agree with you but sexual attraction is a staple of our species and it's always going to get attention, so this is a problem that is not likely to go away.  We'll just have to deal with it.

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Nah I know that, it's just strange there isn't any kind of rule about it. There is like 12 year olds and less on Twitch and they just let all that happen.


I know the problem won't be fixed or removed but I'm more concernded about the bigger problem it is causing. It's becoming something of a trend. "No good body, no good stream." And we are talking about gaming, not having a good body for a magazine. That's why I'm really upset.

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I disagree with you on that one guys. People come to watch twitch for entertainment (not everyone want to learn smth or etc). You cant judge other people for what they like. There should be something on twitch for everyone.


I personally dont watch streamers if they are a mess. Does that make me a bad person? Dont watch people who have badish cam or mic. Dont watch pro players that are booring. If I came for the boobs, its my decision not yours :) Though I know some better places where to find them if needed :D

I could only understand you guys being upset in one situation. If you are trying to start streaming, and you want those 12 y old kids on your stream instead of the girls stream, earn money from them, let them jack off to your face instead of her boobs :)


P.S. Some of my favorites: nugyen, ziggyD, phox kappa

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I just find it odd that somehow some of those girls always have a soft "lily" voice and a camera thats high up. One thing I really don't respect is the people who drop tons of cash on these streamers. Like man come on.


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I used to not like it, but now as i see is as an opportunity for me to make my stream and gameplay higher quality. . . I guess you can look at things two ways

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