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10 posts in this topic

 First, I would like to say that if any of you are in the World of Tanks AJSA clan or are interested in this game, then you should follow this forum, as I am making this the official one-stop-shop for our small events and general information about the what we are doing and the game. (When your on WoT please use the TeamSpeak CH)


 Second, I will be posting some links that many will find helpful and should answer many of the questions you all might have. I will also use this post to ask questions on what days will be better for certain events. If you can’t find the answer to a question or mechanic you may have PM me. I will get back to you as soon as I have the answer or can direct you to the answer.


 Third, the following is a list of links to credible YouTube/World of Tanks players that do and have done informative tank reviews and covered basic tactics. I will do my best to add new sources of information as I become aware of it and will add/remove links as necessary.

QuickyBaby-Tank reviews and game play tips. https://www.youtube.com/user/QuickyBabyTV/videos

The Mighty Jingles-Tank reviews and game play tips. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpnjlvS2zxhbNJuGNo_TxkQ

TheFochYou-Quick tank reviews and game play. https://www.youtube.com/user/TheFochYou

WoT Labs-This is a great resource for strategies and tactics for every map and every tank type use it if you want to make large improvements                             to your over all game.  http://wotlabs.net/articles/

The Official WoT Wiki-Some very good and detailed information http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Tanks (Thanks to MetGreDKo)


 And last, I will post a list of our key members, and their rolls, so you can PM them for questions you might have, getting friends added to the clan, give us event ideas, request information on advancement in the clan, and eventually how to become a member of our competitive team - when we get to a point where we make one.


Griever IGN: Griever42605 - Commander (Clan event planer, leader, all of the not fun stuff)

NightFox042 IGN: NightFox042 - Executive Officer (Does all the stuff I need help with)

Cabooses IGN: PooonTangPirate - Personnel Officer (Recruitment, Clan events assistant)


If you have any questions direct them to Griever.

To apply to the clan go to http://na.wargaming.net/clans/recruitstation/ and put Banana Beer in your comment.

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I'm going to add some stuff I posted elsewhere:


How I sought to improve. This may not be ideal for everyone out there but some may find it suitable to them.

All other lessons fall on deaf ears if you do not know your way around a map. Knowing where most people set up is up utmost importance. I place it first because it makes all else possible. By knowing the safer approaches, where people go, how to relocate or where fights are decided you will be better able to influence a match. This knowledge is what gives you situational awareness. It's all fine and dandy to see someone on the minimap and react to it. Map knowledge will have you look at the minimap and think to yourself that for him to engage you he must crest into multiple high alpha snipers who are located in a very common place making it unlikely he will do so and if he does he will pay heavily for it with you either taking no damage or very little. This extra knowledge will let you get off another shot or two at a different target entirely as you realize you don't have to disengage for the knucklehead on the other side. Likewise map knowledge will tell you how fast others will have to travel to get back to your base to cap before you cap out or how soon you have to return to defend. The list of what it permits goes on to enabling you to conserve hit points without even changing your style of play just by having you pick slightly different approaches which take you out of the line of fire of your opponents. I highly recommend downloading and looking at Sela & Okeano’s own map guides. They provide great insight to those unfamiliar with maps. There will always be exceptions to the rules on their maps but the stage you're in for the learning process that's the last thing you should be concerned with. Focus on the general information and to get a true sense of how effective those paths are I would recommend watching streams. Don't pick just anyone but the better players – people who respond to questions but keep in mind no one really answers questions mid battle as it's a distraction to them so some other viewers may answer it for you. Map knowledge is something you'll have to work on for the rest of your tanking career because with map changes by Wargaming, tank changes and physics changes new things become possible and some things no longer are. Metas change and with that how maps are played changes. While working on map knowledge I highly recommend you stick to just standard battles and no other modes not because of any personal opinion on them but because they do play differently. Wargaming is adding more maps every year so why give yourself twice the number of maps to learn? Keep it simple. Things which will be improved by map knowledge are hit point conservation, damage output, situational awareness, your capacity to play different roles of vehicles, knowledge of vision mechanics though not the details themselves.

After you have a comfortable grasp on maps the next thing you should focus on is conserving hit points and maximizing damage output. This does not mean camping. It just means try to tweak your use of the maps and how you react in order to do just a little bit extra. Now is the time to stop peeking out if you even suspect one gun is pre-aimed where you've been popping out and to stop engaging from that side entirely if multiple guns are shooting at you. If you're behind a hill back up and wait to be unlit then crest ten or twenty meters to the side. Wait for someone else to get their attention or relocate to an entirely different flank. If you can pop out to kill a tank but take a hit in damage or flank and kill the tank with no one taking damage start trying for the latter. Start thinking “is my gun being put to effective use?” Sometimes you will in fact need to remain in place to tie a flank down but more often than not you may wish to relocate. Beginning to develop escape plans should occur here. Don't go crazy with it thinking you should escape everything. Very many great players don't. Start thinking a step ahead though. Don't go down a road way where if you do so you have no way to advance if a tank is in one specific location. Try to avoid being pinned. This is help with map knowledge because you won't be receiving as many hits on your approach. Your positions won't be as vulnerable to multiple lines of fire. This is around where you learn to side scrape.

What will be more controversial here is my placing vision mechanics as third. Before going further I highly recommend getting a mod to show you on your minimap the limits of your draw range and how far out the maximum view range and what yours currently is rests at from where your vehicle is. I'm going to include not just vision into this category but draw range and camo. Knowing when your opponent can see you and you them plays a major role as it lets you know the limits of what you may get away with as does knowledge of draw range. Draw range is the 500m radii box around your tank outside of which no enemy tanks, even if spotted, will be visible on screen. They'll pop up on the minimap when lit but you won't see them. Knowledge of this can be abused to an extreme on some maps such as Prok where you may work the rails and are barely in draw range for the hill. You can shoot at it to your hearts delight but should you begin to take fire all you need to do is drive a few meters away and they can't see you anymore. Many stop shooting at what they can't see and those which don't do so with less accuracy – they can't pin point where your weak spots are not do they know if you're too high or low for them to hit you. Knowledge of vision on the other hand and how camo works will give you some insight as to where snipers or campers may be hiding and whether it's a bright idea to move up on them or not. Will they have great view range with an open top tank destroyer or is it just a camping heavy tank with poor vision? Knowledge on these things provides you with opportunities by removing the shroud of secrecy of what's going on and who is where. It gives you a sense of what to expect which means you'll better address the situation. Map knowledge also boosts this by providing you with information of common spots people may be at and the less vulnerable approaches so you may more effectively deal with the issue. This also boosts your map knowledge as you understand why people go to certain places on the map. It further aides you in hit point conservation, damage output and improving your situational awareness.

Lastly I recommend working on situational awareness. You have all the tools – the map knowledge, the ability to survive and make your presence known while also having knowledge on the mechanics and what tanks are capable of so far as providing map control or area denial in the form of vision. Now is the time to tweak how you filter the information you're given. Chances are you even have it to a small extent, knowing how to read the battle around you but the real key to it is reading the battle and what's likely to happen as it is happening or even better – before it does. This isn't entirely easy as it requires an ability to read the map while you're engaging in your own fight and knowing who is doing what and why. It can be as basic though as seeing your entire team minus three tanks is on your flank so you need to wrap it up as quickly as possible so you can either return to defend or push. It also may be seeing your other flank is being well, outflanked and you need to return despite your side not yet being decided just to ensure it doesn't entirely fall or to set up an early defense. Different tanks will require this knowledge be at different levels. The more mobile variety permit you to be slow at reading yet still play a role where as to have the same effect in something such as a T95 you'll have to see it the day before it occurs if you wish to have any say in the matter.

In the end all of these areas build upon the previous one in the most basic way. I specifically did not include things such as equipment and consumable load out or skills because those are not where people's issues are and have no appreciable effect on one's play from battle to battle when different vehicles are played. They are things which may be easily searched for outside of the game and once set are no longer a concern unless the vehicle is tweaked in some way.



Recommended mod which permits you to view the weak spots and effective armor values of tanks in your garage whether you own them or not.

Tank Inspector. The use of it is in showing weak points and effective armor. It displays both the actual thickness and the effective thickness based on the angle it's being looked at. This is perhaps the most useful thing for the game and something even unicums still repeatedly look at and reference. This mod will only work when World of Tanks is not running. If it is then you must close that prior to opening Tank Inspectot. It operates in a way which pulls data from your world of tanks folder to show you in a garage like setting what the effective armor is of any tank you pull up. You do not need to have a tank in your garage for it to bring stats up.

Upon installing you do need to select a folder. I recommend not putting it in your mods folder as it does function as a separate application. The application upon installing will be called smellyriver.tankinspector and is accessible inside of its own folder. I personally keep the folder on my desktop for accessibility. Others may elect to put it in My Documents. Just pick where ever is most convenient and comfortable for you.

Under equivalent you'll see the effectiveness of the armor based on how you're viewing it.

The yellow/green tank icon at the bottom left does bring you to a color coded armor display. This displays the armor thickness of the tank in mm.

At the top right click the tank icon to get to tech trees which includes tanks no longer available for purchase or as rewards but which have been left in the game.

As a compliment to this I'm going to recommend a weak spot series by Valachio. In the series he goes into training rooms to discuss them in-game and provides a few examples.

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What day/days will work best for the majority of our members for Platooning with low tier tankers, Training sessions, and Team battles. We can run all of these week to week but we will only be running officail Clan Wars on a by weekly basis to give members time to build up their tank rosters.

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A statistic tracking site: http://forum.wotlabs.net/


Use the stat tracking to monitor your progress. The forums are populated by quite a few of the best players on the NA & EU servers. Discussions on tanks, crew, play style, maps, patch notes, and so on all occur there for your viewing pleasure. It's a great place to learn. Most questions you can think of have been asked so be sure to search first.


I also recommend browsing the official wiki as some top players do contribute and it covers some mechanics in fair amount of depth: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Tanks



General tips:

Enable server reticle in general settings. All calculations are performed server side and so knowing where server reticle is and your client reticle is can help tremendously in figuring out where your shot will actually land. I also suggest disabling optic effects in sniper & dynamic camera. The latter moves your gun when you shoot and other tanks get ammo racked near you. This makes you less accurate. The optic effects can dramatically drop frame rate.


I also recommend in Settings under Marker you set HP display to HP left / Total. This displays how many hit points they have remaining as a whole number and not a percent while also showing how many they had in total. The benefit of the whole number is as you remember how much damage your gun or other guns do you'll more easily be able to figure out how many shots to kill someone. The total health is useful in giving you an idea how ballsy or cautious your opponent is likely to play based on the beating they've taken thus far.



In Graphics I personally have FOV to 120 as it permits a wider view of the battle. Not as important as in a first person shooter due to the more strategic pace of this game but helpful nonetheless. In details you absolutely must have Draw Distance at maximum. The limit in game is a 500 radius box around your tank. Dropping it below that means you won't see tanks you otherwise would and means your opponent has an advantage over you. If cost of it being at maximum is all other settings being at minimum, it's well worth it. Extra effects in sniper mode can dramatically impact you frame rate and should be low or off. Grass in sniper mode should be off because it has a huge impact on frame rate, perhaps greater than the other sniper mode options.




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We will be having events all through the month of May look for them on the calendar and make sure you are following this topic.

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Hey all, Levaros here. In and effort to be more useful to the WoT community, I'm going to be in game more often and if anyone sees me online, send me a message. I have some experience in the game and would be more than happy to share said experience. I don't have a tier 10 yet, however, I have everything else.

I love to train. Remember: the word 'Train' can mean both 'to teach' and 'to learn'. Hit me up in-game and we'll all benefit.

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Sounds Good. 


For Anyone Curious;

I'm on just about every day, with Tiers 1-7. 

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My brothers, let us spread death in the wake of our victories over the other clans and/or random players!!!!!

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This is the list of all our events for May they are also posted on the AJSA event calendar.

May 5th - Platoons all day

May 7th - Platoons all day/Team Battles 20:00-22:00 CST

May 8th - Stronghold Battles 22:00-Until CST 

May 12th - Platoons all day

May 14th - Platoons all day/Team Battles 20:00-22:00 CST

May 20th - Platoons all day/Training 20:00-22:00 CST

May 22nd - Stronghold Battles 20:00-Until CST

May 26th - Platoons all day

May 28th - Platoons all day/Team Battles 20:00-22:00 CST

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