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Greetings fellow hewmans

4 posts in this topic

Is that how you spell it? ...whatever, anyways

My name is Mortal (you can call me Mort, for short if you wish), I'm quite boring I'm the most interesting person anyone could ever meet... however I play videogames, and in the eyes of the media I'm apparently a demon who only plays videogames to belittle women and further my own nazi-male agenda (you humans are wiiiiierd


As I mentioned I play videogames, I especially like it when they actually work, allowing me the enjoyment of the art of play.

...SPECIFICALLY I like to play: First person shooters, RPGs, Action / Adventure, anything really

Although I'm not fond of RTSs (RTSes? RTS ses?) I can't really get into them, bit too slow in my opinion.


I'm a likable guy, I like to crack jokes and have fun where I can. I'm also very competitive, MOBAs (Smite, in this case) are definite my jam n' biscuits.

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