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If you could create your ideal game, what would it be?

13 posts in this topic

The following would be included in my ideal game

  • An open world similar to Skyrim (including 1st person and 3rd person options)
  • The leveling system of the Demon's/ Dark Souls games (with the exception of health and stamina)
  • Health system to be similar to that of Metroid games along with a similar method for collecting items (including health and stamina)
  • The scanning system of the Metroid Prime games
  • Important character choices that change your character appearance like in Fable games
  • Difficult in-game puzzles like in Zelda games

Feel free to include ideas for your ideal game.  There are no wrong answers.  If you believe the game someone describes already exists, you should probably let them know.

Thank you for your time



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pretty much he same as yours except mine would be an mmo and would be able to play it SP with mods or MP with community approved mods you could choose different story lines  that will affect the combat and story...and the ability to have romances with NPCs and other people and have kids  or go the fable route and cheat on your spouses or kill them and your kid would have to grow up in an orphanage  

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Had a vague idea about my version but it forgot about it almost entirely.


Only things I remember:


Dystiopian Future ( I like those, I blame G-Police for it)


Every single building is accessable, without loading screens.


And most importantly: Having as many options as possible to choose from.

What I mean by that: You can choose how much loot you can find in dead bodies, containers. Random encounters, possibility of Masquarde. Pretty much the possibility to redesign this game and only your imagination (and maybe the game itself) are the limit.


Play Fallout 3 with the Fallout Wanderers Edition mod and you will know how much fun a game that you already spent quite some time into, is suddenly becoming so much more fun.

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- open world like Skyrim without loading times, no separate sections or divided Areas.


- Open World Size like Minecraft 64.000 Square Kilometers which makes it bigger than Planet Neptun (4 x earth's Size) + Underworld/Underground Levels/Dungeons.


- Random generated World, Quests, Events, Dungeons like Torchlight 2 and STALKER. In one game the quest giver / Target can be already dead, in the next game he could be fighting Monsters, in the next game he could be lay wounded in a Hospital/camp in a complete different location


- multiple Endings


- multiple Char Choices that changes the visual aspects of the Char like in Fable


- multiple Story/Progression Choices that leads to a complete different Storyline and Ending (like Mass effect but much deeper and complex)


- Char creation like Black Desert or Sims


- Leveling System: Im fine with any of it. Could it be like Torchlight 2, Sacred 2, Guild Wars 2 or Borderlands 2. It just has to add more complexity than just leveling up skills and stats. it would be even better having no Level cap and infinte "new game +" modes which makes you beter and better and the enemies stronger and stronger.


- higher difficulty Levels should not only make the enemy harder but increase the number of enemies additionally. On the Players side: He can loot better or complete new/other items and stuff that can not be found on lower difficulty Settings (kinda like Star Wars Shadows of the Empire)


- switchable first and 3rd Person gameplay with various gamestyles. Either Full Rambo Action like just Cause, or Stealth Assassination kills like a Sniper or Hitman or like a high tech expert which can build, repair or reprogram Machines, turrets, Robots and stuff like Fallout, Deus Ex or System Shock 2.


- postapocalyptic Setting like Metro, STALKER, Hellgate, Fallout...either Demonic Invasion or after World War Event. Im ok with both. Im just tired with those Fantasy Middleage Setting.


- smart and adaptable A.I. like F.E.A.R. , Alien Isolation or Far Cry. Switches tactics and teamplay, adapts to every situation


- Skills (oh Boy), Skills should really do what they promises. A few examples:

  - a fire Aura should not have to just glow a bit red around the Char and look cool but doesn't do jack shit like in WoW or Diablo Style games. It should really burn everything around the Player to the ground. Every Palm of grass, every Wood made object, ever metal made object glows and eventually melts, every enemy that Comes too Close without beeing immune or having resistances turns instantly into a living coal briquet.

  - those skills that have "X% Chance to kill an enemy with one hit" should work on final/world bosses. If the Player worked his ass off to reach that skill, should have the luck to kill instantly a Boss with one hit.

  - Those legendary and unique Weapons that makes you feel Special and powerful but doesn't feel that different because it only has a different look and high Stats values? Fuck them. If I have a Bad ass high Level Char with a Powerful, legendary/Unique Weapon and I have to walk around a frikking mountain the size of Mt. Olympus Mons to reach my Goal, i just make one Swing and Split the Mountain in half and walk through it. (Kind like Kenpachi in Bleach when he lets loose...or is having fun)


- full destructive Environment like Red Faction. Tired of the Boss in the Cave/Dungeon? just set a crap Ton of Explosives in, around and above the Cave/Dungeon and send him to Hell without breaking a sweat. Sniper on that Tower/Bridge is a pain in the ass? Make it collapse. Enemy sealed the heavy Metal door? Just Blast your Way through the 3Meter thick Wall with a Missile Launcher.


- Gazillions of Weapons like Borderlands.


- The Weapons, Armor and Items can be dismantled and remounted with different Modifications and Parts, creating completely new Items (sorta like Hellgate Global and Ghost Recon Future Soldier)


- immense Atmosfere in various Locations. Claustrofobic Feeling on tight dungeons and spaces, Horror Feeling in dark/Underground/lifeless/ghostly places, full testosterone Impact Feeling when blowing everything up and decimating enemies...


- some beautiful landscapes which you can lean back and enjoy the view.


- no Health Regeneration.


- Should not be a Survival game where you constantly Need sleep, water, Food and medicine to Keep you alive. they just have to restore your health.


- no Stamina System. it's a Video game and not a Life Simulation.


- Full Mod Support


- no DRM/Always On DRM, no Account Obligation

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1. State of Decay with coop or

2. A tactical shooter with a full coop campaign, character customization, gunsmith, some form of terrorist hunt variant for more coop action, and actual dedicated servers for multiplayer. (How is that rainbow six siege looking again?)

3. Some other of my game ideas but half of them I haven't even written down

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Its already been made by Illusion. It's called Jinkou Shoujo 3.

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Half Life 3.

Either that, or a Battlefront game where the multiplayer is the scale of Planetside (without the P2W) and 2 or 3 campaigns.

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