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What are the best PlayStation games?

8 posts in this topic

Hello all,

I've recently come into ownership of a PS2, (PS1), and a PS3. I have never owned a PlayStation console in my life (I grew up with Nintendo) and am looking to own a library of select, classic, great games to experience the best PlayStation has to offer.

To you guys I look for some experienced advice as to what I should purchase for these consoles. Here's a list of what I already own:





Chrono Trigger


Shadow of the Colossus 

MGS 3 Director's Cut

Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition

Kingdom Hearts


FFXII Special Edition

Persona 3 Collectors Edition

Persona 4 Golden


Demon's Souls

Dark Souls

Dark Souls II

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance

Ni No Kuni

Valkyria Chronicles

Red Dead Redemption

I'm more interested in Single Player RPGs but I'll play anything that's considered a classic, and if the game was re-released I'm more interested in the original version (with the exception of Kingdom Hearts 2.5 final mix). Thanks guys!

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I highly recommend the uncharted series and The last of us, there some of the best games of the 7th generation. 

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Dude. Get xenogears for ps1 and xenosaga for ps2... Dont plqy xenosaga ep2 before 1. Ep3 should be played last but its possible to play alone I guess. Xenogears is pretty much seperate.

For ps3 though, Id euggest tales of xillia. I like graces f too but that is not as praised by fans.

There is more but memory block

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definitely should get 


Team Buddies

Metal Gear Solid





Red Dead Redemption

Elder Scrolls: Skyrim and Oblivion

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i grew up on a couple of games from playstation one of them being my main game was Dynasty warriors they have a lot of games and its a game you have to try once to see if you like it because it is a fighting game that has multiple story lines i think in the older ones the story lines were for characters and not by the name of the faction they were from now  its goes in stories of WU SHU WEI and Jin  and the LuBu story line in the newest one then i have played some Mass Effect 2 and 3 for the Ps3  Minecraft for ps3 is a classic a lot of people like i use to not like it until i actually started playing with people then their is always the classic game for ps1 2 and 3 which is Final Fantasy games they are the best in my book i was never good at them but i still loved playing them because it always took me forever to get to the final boss  

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Thanks I appreciate the feedback but I'm not interested in multi-platform games as I have a PC for those.

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my suggestions aren't multiplat =P.

Oh yeah, and you can get suikoden 2 on the psn for ps3 for like 5 bucks iirc. I'm about 20 hours in so far and it's pretty good but not "BEST RPG OF ALL TIME" good IMO..but uhh.. yeah, it's kinda up there where many people think it is, so if you have any love for those kinds of rpgs like chrono trigger or whatever, you should give it a try... just look at how much that game sells for on ebay! (or did the price crash since it came out on psn...which was relatively recently)?


OOH, and valkyrie profile 2 is great fun.. the first game is considered great too, haven't tried it, but I have tried 2, and adore it, and some of the reasons why I like it I KNOW can't exist in the first game...beating up enemies on it is SO satisfying because you smash them off the ground, into the air, break off limbs (not just scripted fights and bosses...EVERY ENEMY) if you combo well...goodness

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PS2 games I suggest:


- Beyond Good and Evil (it's a really great game!)

- Jak and Daxter

- Ratchet and Clank

- The Hobbit (It's actually pretty fun!)

- The Harry Potter games are pretty good too - I played 'Chamber of Secrets the most times'


I hope I helped! There were some pretty great PS2 games! I switched to Xbox though, so I never got a PS3 onwards. <3

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