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Persona 2 vs Persona 3 vs Persona 4

8 posts in this topic

Now i know this sort of topic has been done to death on other sites but i would love to get the angry armies opinion.Compare them on:         


-Battle system



In my opinion p4 wins on battle system,p3 wins on aesthetic and music and p2 wins on characters but i'd love to see what you guys think.

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Persona 3

  • Characters

Persona 4

  • Battle System
  • Music
  • Aesthetics

I can't really judge Persona 2 because I've never played it.

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I've only ever persona 3 and DDS 1&2 so I can't really compare.

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Persona series is kinda weird because of the evolution during each game. P1 was ok, but it was way too similar to other SMT games, and hardly had any distinctive differences. I think that P3 brought the difference to the gaming series and finally drew the line that would make it different from the other SMT games.

When it comes to the Persona games, I think that P3, P4 and P2 are great games in their own way. P2 made the combat, so much better and more enjoyable than the tile system in the original persona. The characters were great and possibly the best ones in the series.

P3 has the best story, but the lack of good characters was the problem for me. Iori felt really boring and unoriginal ''I love chicks'' guy, Mitsuri was this ''Perfect A student who needs to follow in her father's footsteps'', Akihiko was the mysterious quiet guy, Fukka was this shy ''ghost'' type and Ken was overall just annoying kid. The characters were very cliche and felt unoriginal. They felt really bland and didn't have any deeper layers.

P4, on other hand, had interesting characters who actually had very deep layers. From outside they seemed a bit boring and dull but during the story they evolved and you saw their true selves. The story wasn't really impressive but I guess it was ok. The battle mechanisms haven't really changed that much during the series (if we leave P1 out).

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As far as characters, music and aesthetics, I feel like P4 had the most memorable characters, a greater amount of great music and the aesthetics were more visually appealing because there being more vibrant colours than P3. As for battle system, I feel they're about the same. I can't anything about P2 because I haven't played it.

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The characters in Persona 2 felt like they had an interesting look, but their personality and character traits lacked depth. They looked interesting but that's all it fell to. Looked. They soon just got boring afterwards. 

Persona 3 introduced the weakest characters out of the three. They were generic and cliche', and gave off a "what to be expected from a JRPG". Fuuka is the "shy girl", Yuukari is so average she is simply referred to as " The girl", Mitsuru is the "rich smart girl", and Junpei is "bad idea best friend."  Aigis, Koromaru, and Ken had very interesting premise, but the execution felt weak. It was as if they showed an interesting trait of one character and then didn't feel the need to develop anything. 

Persona 4 had the most interesting set of characters, ranging from concepts that most games haven't given a chance to. The bi curious tough guy, the stuffed animal from another dimension that is unaware of his origins, and the pop star who hates being used as a sex symbol. The characters in this game have more depth and as the player, when you meet their shadow self, you understand where the characters are coming from. 

Battle system

Persona 2's battle system was the worst out of the 3. It had the tile system that the Shin Megami Tensei series is famous for, which I personally don't care for.

Persona 3's battle system was revolutionary for the series and changed to the more traditional turn based RPG style with the exception that the main character was the only controllable character, which had the player go into the setting and choose what they want their team mates to do, hoping it's the choice you want. 

Persona 4's battle system kept Persona 3's traditional turn based rpg style, fixed some problems by allowing you to control all the characters and making the turns much quicker.

The only thing that bothers me about the system introduced by Persona 3 is that if the protagonist were to fall in battle, instant game over.


Persona 2 had the more interesting character models.

Persona 3 hadthe best Persona models in my opinion. 

Persona 4's overall graphics are better, most likely because it was released later than the two. Aswell as the mapping and setting is varried and it's darker themed then the previous two. 


Persona 3 wins hands down.


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well persona 3 was my favorite even if the main character was looking emo but could live with that cuz you could make him awesome.The story was great,battle system was super well done enemy ai was hard even on normal,and the game was allways throwing something good.The game awarded you for playing it in some way giveing you choices even adding sim date elements wich weren,t so good but ah.epic boss battles were you had to think,persona 4 was doing everything like persona 3 but even better with a new story,character,some new personas and an epic ending.butt i never played persona 2 i just heard from a friend who was playing that it,s insanely hard,story was awesome,graphics weren,t so.LONG LIVE PERSONA GAMES!!! rimo out :D 

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2 fot the character, battle system and story

3 for the music

4 for the amount of persona's

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