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4 posts in this topic

This thread will be used for myself or Native Shnit to post announcements koncerning the fighting game events, such as changing time or day if necessary. We may also post other things koncerning our fighting kommunity as well.

Anyways the first announcement will be that this friday's event may need to be moved to Thursday, or later Saturday/Sunday night so as not to konflikt with our BF4 or Neverwinter komrades.

We will send out a message to those who have provided their gamertags on the details as well as post it here. Until then, assume normal day/time.

Fight On!

(PS if making all the "c" into "k" to make it more kombat like gets too difficult to read or annoying, just message me. I dont want to exclude anyone because english is not their first language)

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May 13th

FYI the MKX event this weekend will be moved to SATURDAY (May 16th) at 8pm est (so people can play at the bf4 event for a couple hours if they wish). I will also be sending out a message to everyone that has supplied their gamer tag informing them of this.

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June 19th


Today's Killer Instinct event will be pushed to Saturday June 20th at 9pm EST.  Sorry for any inconvenience and I hope to see you all there.

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July 3rd


Killer Instinct event will be delayed until 10pm EST today, rather than 9pm.  Fight on!

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