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We got ranks that need filled.

2 posts in this topic

Good day all I am making this post in a hope to get us more organized. I would like to see us grow larger and be even more active. To achieve these goals we need your help so below will be a list of all positions and a rough description of the responsibility’s each one holds as well as the number of people I would like to have in each roll. If you have questions send me a PM or talk to me in TeamSpeak.

·         Executive Officer – Acts as the commander when the commander is not on and fills all rolls as necessary also co leads all events. (helps moderate forums)

·         Personnel Officer – Verifies AJSA membership status, helps our members with TeamSpeak, helps with events (planning/running), and deals with promotion/demotion and discipline. (helps moderate forums)

·         Combat Officer – Leads our troops in to battle. Will be the leader in all team battles, stronghold battles, skirmishes, and clan wars. Are the lead strategist and caller for all competitive game modes. When not in a competitive game the Combat Officers are also expected to run platoons for small group training.

·         Intelligence Officer – This roll is for those who truly like helping their fellow clan mates. Main duty running group training sessions to teach the basics and advanced tactics for all tank types. Runs training platoons and is second in command during competitive play.

·         Quartermaster – As we grow larger it will be your job to accept new members in to the clan and keep out the riffraff by playing with the would be members and making an informed decision on whether or not they will make the cut. (weed out the trolls and non-team players)

·         Recruitment Officer – Recruit people, explain the rules and get them to (if they are not all ready) to become members of the AJSA. (make sure they know that they can’t advance in rank unless they are members of the AJSA)

·         Junior Officer – Be friendly try to run platoons when you are online. Engage everyone as you are the foundation of the leadership structure. Answer any questions our members might have by either your own knowledge or referring them to the appropriate higher up.

·         Private – These are our official AJSA members.

·         Recruit – All of our un-verified members.

·         Reservist – People in limbo due to inactivity. (the to be removed list for various reasons)


What I need and what is required.

Executive Officer-1 more, must be very active in game and on the forums and try to make all events.

Personnel Officer-2 more, needs to be very active in the forums and in game 2-3 days a week and try to make all events.

Combat Officer-3 more, needs to active in game and forums and be knowledgeable in all game mechanics. Must have experience in high tier play tier 8 and up and is required to be on for all competitive events.

Intelligence Officer-2 more, needs to be active in game and forums and be specialized in at least one tank type and have at least one tier 8 tank or higher of that type and are required to be on for all training events and most completive events.

Quartermaster-2 more, needs to be active in game and forums. Have the ability to rule out trolls and non-team players and try to make it to at least one event a week. (Some people are just going to be bad at the game and that’s ok everyone has to start somewhere)

Recruitment Officer-2 more, hype man makes sure that the people that want to join know what is expected of them. Then get them in touch with a Quartermaster. Also needs to be in game at least 2 days a week and a regular on the forums as well as make it to at least one event a week.

Junior Officer-These are the people that are on frequently and try to get people in the habit of platooning together. Needs to be a regular on the forums and try to make it to the events.

Private-Just play be friendly make friends and use the forums. Try to be on for events.

 Recruit-Just play be friendly make friends and use the forums. Try to be on for events. (Lowest priority for spots in competitive play)

Reservist-LIMBO nuff said.

Clan size limit is 100 people.

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We have room to grow and we want you to join us. If you are a veteran tanker we have leadership positions that need to be filled. The AJSA WoT clan is a small and slowly growing group of people who like to have fun. We also would like to become more competitive we have dipped our toe into tier VI stronghold battles and have had a fair amount of success but we would like to get into team battles and tier VIII stronghold battles. If this appeals to you post your name here along with what position you would like to be in and I will send you an invite. 

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