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Silent Hill, xbox exclusive?

6 posts in this topic



The above link is to an IGN article about a supposed anonymous source detailing that Konami is selling the rights to Microsoft for an unofficial amount. 

Honestly I am quite skeptical of this but I found it pertinent enough to alert this to the community to forestall confusion. All this is unconfirmed on IGN's side.

However, if this deal is the real deal then it is cause for discussion.


Please rationally discuss what this may mean to you or your thoughts on this matter in a comment below.

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That'd be rather odd. Hasn't Silent Hill always been on the playstation? And they cancelled the one they were making as well didn't they?

That'd mean they scrapped an entire project just to jump ship, doesn't make sense. Unless it was all just for money, which would explain the whole situation rather well.

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Here's where the line get drawn. Konami selling ip's to move on to other companies.? I get that that. 

Moving a franchise to Microsoft instead of a third party studio? Sounds stupid but it could work

Microsoft buying the IP for BILLIONS????!!!! WTF

In no way this source is true. The Silent Hill series is a good game series but in what way makes this a billion dollar ip? As IGN posted in the article. Twitch was acquired by Amazon for 970 million. If Twitch was sold for that much, in what way can 1 IP be sold for billions? (Yes Minecraft was acquired for more but Minecraft outsells the entire Silent Hill franchise by a ton.)

Makes no sense too. Game is cancelled, taken off the PS Store, and now they are trying to get Silent Hills back? The game 80% done???!!! Development of this game had to stop a long time ago. Can Microsoft buy the ip? Yes. For a billion dollars? Microsoft is throwing money away if they even try and do this. End of the story is this. It's a rumor to get people riled up. If this is right, well fuck me this will be the first Silent Hills not on a PS console and MS is ready to break the trend. But it would be the stupidest thing to ever happen if the Silent Hill franchise is bought for a billions . The highest amount a Silent Hill game has sold was the first one, it sold 843,000.  Let that settle in. Not even a million copies sold. 

I rest my case 

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microsoft have to be buying more than just one IP for just 1 billion if the rumours are true if it was to buy kojima productions, metal gear series, and silent hills, (and if they wanted to zone of the enders) maybe the rumour would be more reasonable compare to just buying one IP

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Sadly... the PT rumor is fake.  This is confirmed by Phil Spencer, Head of Xbox, on Twitter:



I haven't played any Silent Hill games, but to throw something that well-receieved away, is corporate hara-kiri.

Personally, I'm surprised anyone even thought this rumor was true.


I mean come on, that "80% complete" statement was complete BS and a dead giveaway. Both Norman Reedus and Del Toro said that the game was still in early development when it got canned. They probably weren't even in the Alpha stage yet.


Plus "billions"? I can understand buying an entire company, but for literally one game? MS would go bankrupt if they did that.

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