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Random tips and stuff.

1 post in this topic

Just a thread I felt like making with some random advice


General Stuff

- Save up any gear you get from dungeons whether you intend to use it or not. After you unlock grand companies and get sergeant second class, you can turn them in for grand company seals.

                     - Exception for gear that is 100% spiritbound to you, make it into materia.

- Don't do all of the quests in an area if you outlevel it, story quests aside. You can use them to help level your next classes

- Keep your story quests up to date. You need to do up to the end of the 2.0 story (just after praetorium) to unlock the post-game (level 50 content)

- Remember your hunting and challenge logs. Each class (as well as grand company) has a set of targets you can kill to earn a lump of exp

                     - On that note, you need to complete the grand company hunting log for certain rank ups

- Once you get to Coerthas, stop doing leves if you're a combat class. The fates will give you about as much as the leves will.

- In Aurum Vale, let the morbol fruits hatch into seedings (final boss excluded). They'll give far more exp than if you simply kill the fruit

- Remember to eat. It doesn't matter which food you use (vesper bay has a merchant that sells a bunch), it will give a 3% bonus to exp you gain from fighting/crafting/gathering for half an hour

- As a dps class, after you get the daily bonus from low level roulette, queue for specific dungeons. You don't want to sit in a queue for 40 mins, get stuck with ifrit and only have about 3k exp to show for it.

- When gearing at 50, get your relic zenith, then enough soldiery gear to run wod, then get your armor from world of darkness, your jewelry and weapon from poetics gear, then finally upgrade your WoD armor to poetics.

- Best places to farm soldiery tomes are Syrcus Tower (100 per run, 150 if new person), Thornmarch hard and Shiva hard. Thornmarch and Shiva give about 70 with the new person bonus (and barely any without) for an easy fight that only takes a few minutes. There is usually someone running it for the story quest so new person bonus happens a lot.

- If you're going to buy something off the market board and it doesn't have a lot of sellers, wait a bit. The market on this server is a bit unstable so prices can vary by a lot. With the exception of some level 50 stuff, if it's being sold for more than 10k you're generally better off waiting.

- keep the elemental materia you get. It is useful if you're leveling crafting (as a cheap alternative on the level 20 quest) and can be turned into mutamix for a new materia (5 to 1)

- guildhests give bonus exp the first time you do them as each class, so its another way to level alt classes. You need to do up to More than a Feeler (the 9th one) for the story later on.

- get retainers when you can, they can hold 175 items each. You can have two and their level caps at 5 levels below your level in the class. This restriction is lifted once you hit 50 in that class. DoH retainers tend to be the most useful ones.

                - only gear retainers to the minimum required for hunts/gathering of their level. the extra stats and hqing only affect quick exploration.

                - the 18 hr an 1 hr level specific ventures are the best ways to level them. Leave quick exploration until they're capped (or you feel like gambling a bit)

- get your weekly hunt target and daily beast tribe quests even if you don't have time to do them. They'll reset after you do them if it's the next week/day

- for astrologians, turn the beneficial effects on self on in the chat log you're using. It will tell you which card you draw (since it gives you a buff that lets you use the card)



- Do the leves with an evaluation as much as possible, and always do them 2 levels above you when possible. you can get up to 25% bonus exp if your evaluation Is high enough. For each level above you the item is, you get 1 more evaluation with 7 at your lvl up to 9 for 2 levels above you.

- The leve may give you 20 minutes to complete it but try to do it in less than 5. You'll get bonus exp for rapid completion

- Get basic gathering jewelry then don't worry about upgrading it until level 40. Once you get to level 40 make sure you have 500 gp max at least. Then upgrade again once you get to 50 and finish taking care of your other gear.

- Get the exp boosting items from the grand company you're a part of when possible. It lasts 2 hrs (or up to a certain amount of exp) and it's a lot even at higher levels

- Unearth and leaf turn are really useful when leveling their respective classes. Use them on whichever node has +1 gathering attempt if you have the stats to get the bonus. An hq item will give you double the exp (after modifiers)

- For gathering leves, 1 leve is added to the available list when you finish the leve, and another is added when you actually turn it in. If you want to keep repeating a leve, pick them all up, turn one in, get the same one and the other that is added, then keep doing and turning in the one you want.

            - It will eventually force you to do the others, so just do them and repeat the process.



- Do the leve that gives you the most exp, even if it involves some travelling. Your leves are limited, get the most use out of them

- On a similar note, hq the items as often as possible. A hq item of the highest exp leve can give 4x or more exp than one of the lower ones with a normal quality item

- Doing a leve from the set of 5 lvls below your current one isn't always a bad thing. Take into account how hard the materials are to get for it and the difficulty of hqing.

- Check if a vendor has the materials you need before you go buying them off the market board. the beast tribes each have a specific type of materials they sell (sylphs = cloth, ixals = wood, amaljaa = metals, goblin = beast parts, sahagin = cooking mats). In addition, some of the tradecraft vendors sell materials that can only be found in their shop.

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