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local area connection 3 doesn't have a valid ip configuration

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I have a annoying issue , when i get home from my dad ( i always bring my PC to him ) i get this annoying issue , when i start the my PC at my mom , it says "local area connection 3 doesn't have a valid ip configuration". The funny thing is that it starts working after 1-2 hours of waiting . I have tried restarting my router , done a system recovery and also manually written in my IP adress and nothing seems to work except waiting . 

Anybody know a solution ? 


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I don't want to insult your knowledge but do you know the difference between dhcp and static IP? If so, is the router configured for one or the other?

If you and your family are unsure, you are more than likely using dhcp and do not need to manually add an IP. Manually adding it is probably causing the issue.

Another possible problem could be a duplicate ip and you get connected when the other device turns off.

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Yeah , we have dhcp on our router.  Do you know how to fix it ? so i don't have to wait a few hours for it to fix itself ?

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It sounds like you are running in to an IP conflict. Try changing the IP settings back to "Obtain an IP address automatically" and the same for the DNS just below there. Reset the router by unplugging it, count to 10, then plug it back in. You can also attempt a repair on the connection which usually ends up just disabling then enabling the connection. Let me know what that does for ya.

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ipconfig /release

followed by

ipconfig /renew


in the Command Prompt that has been launched "As Admin". That tends to force a reevaluation of the network and pick up the new DHCP "server" (the router) and query said server for an IP address.

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