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Jurassic World is AWESOME! (Spoiler free)

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(no spoilers)


I had high hopes for this and it delivered.  It was never going to have the same kind of impact as the original since that was a fresh concept at the time but I actually think the movie itself is just as good, maybe even marginally better!


It's a direct sequel to the original that pretty much ignores the continuity of The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3, which is totally cool with me because of course they both SUCK.  It's 20 or so years later and a new park is open on the same island.  It follows a pretty similar formula and storyline but the fact that the park is open does allow it explore these threads in a different way and adds a few of it's own as well.


It has tons of fan welcome fan service to the original and the effects are of course very impressive but their not shoved in your face to much like so many other modern action films do, they help to tell the story but their not THE story if you catch my drift.


The one problem I have is that the majority of the characters feel more like direct substitutes of the originals rather than the product of fresh writing.  Despite this they are likeable and are for the most part performed well.


The last thing I'll mention without spoilers is the one area where it even blows the original out the park (pun intended) and that is the conclusion, It is fucking epic!  I don't think it could have presented, staged or paced any better! It's satisfactory conclusion that leaves a few open threads for possible sequels.


I'm so happy that Spielberg's classic has finally got a worthy sequel.  If you haven't seen it yet, do.  You won't be disappointed!

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saw it last night

I agree with the NC review

its worth the price of admission but its not fantastic 

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