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Thinking of an Xbox One and need some opinions

9 posts in this topic

Hey there all. As the title says, I'm looking at getting an xbox one soon since my new job allows me to support more than one console. I currently have a PS4 and a gaming PC. I'm kind of going back and forth at the moment since XOne doesn't have that many true exclusives other than Halo and Quantum Break (that I can think of). Everything else that may be worth playing are multiplat, or at least on PC. Are there any good exclusives on Xone that I may be missing or coming out soonish?


The second thing is the hard drive size. I know you can hook up an external and use that for games so the question I have is:

Is the 1TB version of the Xbox One worth the investment or am I better off getting a 1TB external on sale and a 500GB version instead?

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- Cuphead

- Scalebound

- Crackdown


Sadly, only Cuphead has a confirmed release date unlike the other two. At the moment most of the titles that were initially exclusive to Xbox One are finding their way to PC. Example, Gears of War Remake/Killer Instinct is being pushed to PC with the help of Valve.


If you are a die-hard Gears of War fan and Halo fan, then I could see dropping the coin for the console. However if these do not appeal or you aren't in a huge hurry to play them, wait. 


For me I go by a simple system. If there is 3 or more games or a total of $200 worth in video games that I want to play, then that is my determining factor for buying a console. 

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Exclusives I know of:

Master Chief Collection


Gears of War 4

Sea of thieves

Rare collection

Sunset overdrive

Forza 5 + 6

Forza Horizons 2

Halo 5

Quantum break



Unanounced new IP phil spencer said would debut at gamescon

Will add more as I think of them.

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If you can, get the 1TB console and then purchase a 4TB external hard drive when they go on sale. That or just get the 500GB console with the 4TB hard drive again.

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I've been in a similar position to you, however I was looking to get a PS4 to add to my Xbox and PC. I saw a black friday deal and bought a PS4, I finally unboxed it on Christmas Day and switched it on twice, last month I sold it to a friend (for a slight profit on the blackfriday price). I mainly bought it to play the exclusives like Uncharted then I realised its pointless having the console just for a handfull of games. All my friends are on Xbox so my advice is unless you can see yourself playing the Xbox a lot i'd save your money and maybe swap consoles with a friend that has an Xbox for a few weeks.

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go watch sonys e3 2015 then watch xboxs theres you're anwser

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you have a gaming PC.. and a PS4.. i suggest just used the money you will get on other stuff... or ps4/pc games/pc upgrades.. no need to spend more money on more than one console.. 

but if youve got xbox 360 (as theres gonna be backwards compat)
like the xbox exlusives well thats fine..

HALO series(looks great)
Gears of War 4 (looks great)
Tomb raider (looks great)
Quantum Break (excited) 
FABLE (excited)
RECORE (excited)
Fall out 4 mods ( i guess)
Phantom dust (it died.. but it seems they are still remaking it under a new studio)


as for 1tb or 500gb + external..

1tb(or more is a must) specially if you have a gold membership.. ive got tons of games.. free and bought... i am relying on external drive... its not that hard to copy.. but its more beautiful if they stay on one drive..  

but it all goes down to preferences.. theres no harm playing games on an external hdd/ssd.. or copying an unused game on it.. i dont see the difference with both.. but some say that its faster to load on externals.. and its also kinda cheap to buy external hdd/ssd

so to conclude,

benefits of internal:

  • you can see your games in one drive
  • no need to transfer games(only till it gets full anyway) to external 
  • no need to reinsert external to play old games

benefits of external:

  • faster loading times by a few sec
  • you can install directly to external
  • you can play directly from external
  • cheaper to buy the bigger the size
  • just plug and play.. if you have other xbox1s or going to another place with xb1.. 

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Could always go with a Wii U?

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Could always go with a Wii U?

I find you so..soothing. That...sounded less creepy in my head.

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