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2 posts in this topic

Hello there, my name is Pepper to most and Aegis101 in game. Me and a few friends in the AJSAGOI community have found ourselves loving this game as a great pass-time. Wonkavicious and I have worked tirelessly to make this club world as homey as possible for those in the clan, and we want to make this place have attractions like pixel art, soccer(yes it is possible), volleyball(also possible) and various other builds that we hope to do. But unfortunately its hard for 2 people to do this much work. So far we've done way more than we ever thought possible. So I am calling upon you, pixel artists, builders, collectors or any player of any kind, join us. 

The clan is called "Unofficial AJSA", contact me (Aegis101 in game, or Pepper in team-speak (on around 7pm GMT to about 2am GMT)) if you'd like to join, support us, ask for our help or want to know what this game is all about if you are completely confused by the paragraph above. If I can get a large player base working together here and make this game an unofficial or lets shoot for the stars, official supported game by the AJSA it would be my dream. 

Well, see ya'll later, happy troving and never give up and never surrender. 










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You can also just leave your name here, I can get to you when I can.

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