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Troll's Revenge!

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Lion's Arch was rebuilt, and with its greatness came a new, long and fun jumping puzzle! The new jumping puzzle is called Troll's Revenge, and it replaces an old one called Troll's End. Me, Astrobleme, Onewing and Vinhtyler tried to do it without any guide, especially because there was none so far. Vinhtyler found the puzzle entrance. We got our mesmers, left our portals ready and started our journey.
The puzzle starts at [Captain Theo Ashford Memorial Bridge], which is a bridge close to Fort Marriner, at south of the city. After a lot of tries we finally found the chest, but, for our surprise, it was only the first of FIVE. Yup, four more chests were waiting for us. The first four had a piece of a key, so we could make a whole key at the end and open the fifth and final chest. It took hours to find them all! Me and Vinhtyler reached the end, then we took a screenshot as proof of our awesomeness. Astrobleme finished the puzzle later. Onewing didn't survived... May his soul find peace in the Mists.



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ooo a new JP sounds interesting :D I haven't logged in the game yet so might as well check it out when I do ^^

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