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You know it's comin yo: Arkham Knight PC port angry rant! + Destiny's pathetic scam.

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Aww yeah, here it comes son! You know it's comin, and it's here!

Now I thankfully don't experience these crashes in the game even though I'm playing on PC. I'm one of the few lucky people that can play the game fine, aside from framerate drops during gliding to new locations. But damn. This is a pathetic port. At least they immediately say they fucked up and is now fixing the problem. Oh yeah, and Destiny. Fucking scammers.

Here's what I want as an extra apology for the PC version. Yes you give people the chance to refund the game. Why not also give free season passes for everyone who still wants to play the game to make up for this shit? So we don't have to pay $40? Or give refund to those that paid $40 for that season pass?

Naw man, of course they won't do that. But if they do that, I'll be one happy motha fucka! Oh yeah!

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Well hopefully someone will learn not to do this shit anymore. But I have my doubts (Obviously)

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The look Joe had is one I can't keep a straight face... I really can't but he hit the nail there.


Apologies if it's a bit too big. ^^;

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Im just a few years away from become a software engineer and i know very well how this works in the industry, besides, i want to be making my own games in the future.

Its not about porting a game to pc, UE3 is a full multi platform game engine and Gameworks is fully multi platform too, "porting" a game is petty much pressing a button, re-work the input and UI for the new platform and doing some platform specific optimizations, like on PC you need to work around DX11 because is not nearly as good as the console APIs.

So, why one whould outsource the "pc port"? because its trivial to "port it", there is no "separated development" involved, that whould increase costs, you use the same UE3 Project, press a button and compile, BUT that company whould also make sure to make the pc optimizations, do the QA for the game and patches, makes sence where you are short on team and money, and why you do that on PC? because its on PC where your game build does not have to be approved for publishing.

The other mayor problem is the old game engine, UE3 is OLD, its the same game engine used on ME1 to give you some idea, they did make the Asylum game, and them worked on top of it, and thats a bad thing in the long run.

But there is one thing that cant be easily explained, the crashes, i can understand the bad performance as a result of a crappy team, but the crashes? you are taking the work that is done by a experienced team and suddenly making it crash all the time by just pressing a button, re mapping input and chaging the UI a little? and shortly after released they pull the game from sales on PC? no, im not buying it.

There is one thing about games, similar to mobile apps, they have a very short life cycle, about 2-3 months, with the peak of sales on the first week, and most sales on the first month.

So what is WB doing? lets see, release a very crappy PC build, sell it at first, them pull it from sales and allow refunds, so what these people gona do? buy the game on consoles, what the people that did not buy the game yet gona do? buy it in the consoles, what the people that was thinking about buying a video card or a console gona do? buy a console... If you pull the game from sales the first month its like it is a console exclusive, it may be the same in the long run, but on money that almost irrelevant.

So what i do think? Sony bribed them, give them a few millons under the table to do this, what WB losse by doing this? a PR hit? what PR hit? the game is fine on consoles and they stopped selling it on the plaform that does not work right because "they care".

And i said Sony because MS does not cares very much.

THATS what needs to stop, not the ports, because there are not modern "ports" among current platforms and multi platform game engines as it was in the past.

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I was looking forward to hearing his opinions on the whole PC AK port and the Taken King news. Thanks for sharing.

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